Does your web meeting stink?

Does your web meeting stink?

In his article, “Web meetings stink before they even start,” Wayne Turmel speaks to the unfortunate negative stigma web meetings have earned of being a giant waste of time. However, the article gives a glimmer of hope by sharing ways to make web meetings better and more productive. Below are a couple of our favorite tips.

Be Specific 
If you want people to contribute, they need to know why. For example, the article points out that saying, “We need to discuss the Johnson Account,” is not as helpful as “We need to brainstorm ideas to save the Johnson Account.” Being specific and clearly explaining why a web meeting is taking place allows the attendees to come to the meeting prepared and ready to contribute.

Most people don’t speak up in web meetings because they are anxious to have the meeting finally end. Make it clear to web meeting attendees that their opinions and thoughts are encouraged and they should come prepared. If it comes to it, call on individuals to speak up. If they don’t have anything this time, they’ll definitely come prepared next time.

We suggest asking yourself how well your team is managing web meetings. We also recommend reading, “Web meetings stink before they even start” for more insight into making small improvements that will take the misery out of your virtual meetings.

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