Don’t Hide Your (Zoom) Love Away

Don’t Hide Your (Zoom) Love Away

When you have a strong opinion about something, you want to share it with the world. You want to warn others of bad experiences and help them discover great experiences. It’s part of our hardwiring as social creatures. That’s why sites such as Yelp and Rotten Tomatoes are so popular: they tap into our natural human instinct to share information.

So, if you love Zoom, why not share that love? There are dozens of websites out there exclusively built to let you give your opinions about Zoom and other technologies. The more of us that share our love of Zoom, the more people will try Zoom and share your great experience. Whenever you get a few minutes, please write your review of Zoom, we recommend the following technology review sites:

  • G2Crowd: Click Write a Review toward the right side; you’ll be prompted to sign in with your LinkedIn account.
  • TrustRadius: Click Write a Review near the top; you’ll be prompted to sign in with your LinkedIn account.
  • App Stores: iTunes or Google Play

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If you have an issue or question about Zoom, we want to hear about it directly! You can chime-in here: (click Submit a Request at the top right), and a real-life human with vast Zoom knowledge and a friendly disposition will get back to you shortly.

The entire Zoom team thanks you for spreading the word!

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