Dropbox Migrated 14 Global Offices and 500 Conference Rooms to Zoom in 4 Days

Dropbox Migrated 14 Global Offices and 500 Conference Rooms to Zoom in 4 Days

Check out our latest case study on Dropbox, a central place for people to go to collaborate, coordinate, and communicate. Dropbox is focused on building an interconnected ecosystem that removes the “work about work.”

As a global business, employees at Dropbox need to easily meet with both internal and external teams. When IT was comparing enterprise-grade video communications tools, the priority was to solve the ability to collaborate at scale. Zoom was an obvious choice due to its ease of use and ability to grow with Dropbox seamlessly.

“We deployed Zoom in an amazing 4-day weekend – migrated 14 global offices and over 500 conference rooms – and on day one, everyone was up and running without a glitch,” said Sylvie Veilleux, chief information officer for Dropbox. “With Zoom, we don’t have tickets for audio and video issues, so the team gets to work on a lot more things that they normally couldn’t do before we had Zoom.”

Zoom is one of the most critical and most leveraged tools at Dropbox, with an average of over 9,000 Zoom meetings a week. “There is no difference whether we are sitting next to each other or whether we are sitting across the globe from each other – you shouldn’t feel a difference and we don’t,” said Alex Fridman, head of IT infrastructure engineering and operations for Dropbox.

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