It’s Easy Being Green With Zoom Video Conferencing

It’s Easy Being Green With Zoom Video Conferencing

Earth Day is upon us, and today we reflect on our responsibility to help contribute to a much greener world. A wise creature once said, “It’s not easy being green.” Well, we respectfully disagree.

Most of us can remember once upon a time when face-to-face communications necessitated carbon-emitting travel, whether a short car ride across the city or a lengthy plane trip over the oceans. We understand that physical face-to-face interaction is still occasionally required; however, technology (specifically ours) has evolved enough elegance and sophistication to make those digital face-to-face moments truly great. No need to poison the planet with unnecessary business travel!

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Zoom’s flexibility makes it a great fit for green business practices. Zoom works perfectly with mobile devices, which consume less energy than traditional desktop PCs. Consequently Zoom meetings can greatly benefit both the environment and your bottom line. Next time you fire-up a Zoom meeting or chat session, think about the fuel, airfare, electricity, and cash you saved by making the green choice to meet virtually. Well done!

Tried Zoom yet? It’s so very easy. Sign up for a free account today or schedule a quick live demo with one of our exceedingly brilliant and charming product specialists today!

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