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Expanded Hardware & Services Part of Continued Zoom-Neat Partnership

Expanded Hardware & Services Part of Continued Zoom-Neat Partnership

In October 2019 Zoom and Neat, a Norwegian video communications pioneer, announced a partnership to provide customers with improved access to leading hardware solutions. Today, we wanted to share additional exciting steps in that partnership and our commitment to serving customers across the globe.

Neat’s global hardware subscription program 

In addition to participating in Zoom’s Hardware as a Service (HaaS) program, which is available in the U.S., Neat has launched Neat as a Service (NaaS), its global hardware subscription program that provides customers with innovative hardware solutions for a low monthly price. NaaS is now available to Neat customers in the U.S., Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. (Customers outside these countries who wish to take advantage of NaaS can do so by contacting Neat.) As part of the program, Neat is offering two products to enhance your meeting experience with high-quality audio and video:

  • Neat Bar: This compact, high-capability video meeting room system provides quality audio and video to meeting, huddle, and focus spaces for up to 10 people. Neat Bar comes with a Neat Pad and a dynamic touch screen controller, and can be deployed under the NaaS program for $110 a month. 
  • Neat Pad: An elegant, purpose-built touch screen that can be configured as a controller inside any Zoom Room, including third-party PC-based Zoom Rooms. Neat Pad can also be used as a scheduling display outside any meeting room and draws power from a Power over Ethernet cable. Neat Pad, as a controller or scheduling display, costs $25 a month as part of the NaaS program. 

Neat Board for pre-order

Neat Board is the complete Zoom Rooms package in a simple and elegant all-in-one device. With its immersive 65-inch multi-touch screen, powerful audio system, and versatile wide-angle camera, Neat Board provides a Zoom Rooms experience beyond video meetings and wireless content sharing by enabling co-annotation and whiteboarding. Because it’s a dedicated Zoom Rooms Appliance, Neat Board takes minutes to set up and is fully managed through the Zoom admin portal. Neat Board is available for pre-order today at $4,500 and will ship at the end of October 2020. Neat Board will be available through the NaaS program when it begins shipping.

The Neat Board
Neat Board

Neat Bar compatible with Zoom for Home

Neat Bar is compatible with Zoom for Home, a new offering combining Zoom software enhancements with compatible hardware that gives customers the opportunity to create a customized work-from-home communications experience across spaces. 

A Neat work-from-home setup
Zoom for Home and Neat Bar

Zoom reinvests in Neat

After our 2019 investment, Zoom made an additional financial investment in Neat earlier this year to ensure that Zoom customers have continued access to Neat’s innovative hardware that enables secure, frictionless meeting experiences. 

To learn more about Neat’s hardware subscription program, contact Neat. To learn more about Neat devices and how they deliver a seamless and dynamic Zoom meeting experience, visit neat.no

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