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3 Ways We’re Expanding Our Trust & Safety Initiatives at Zoom

3 Ways We’re Expanding Our Trust & Safety Initiatives at Zoom

At Zoom, we are committed to bringing happiness to our users while creating a culture of trust, safety, and respect. We have a robust Trust & Safety team comprised of lawyers, engineers, and technical experts that work relentlessly to keep our users and our platform safe.

While the team is hard at work evaluating and managing reports of abuse and violations, our program also includes important initiatives and activities designed to support the needs of our users as they navigate a complex digital landscape, which we’ve recently expanded to help address ever-evolving threats.

Here are three ways we’ve recently expanded our Trust & Safety program:

1. Affiliation with GIFCT 

Zoom is proud to announce that we’ve become a member of the Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism (GIFCT). GIFCT is a non-governmental organization (NGO) designed to prevent terrorists and violent extremists from exploiting digital platforms. Founded by Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter, and YouTube in 2017, GIFCT was established to foster collaboration among member companies, advance relevant research, and help combat terrorist and violent extremist activity online.

We’re thrilled to collaborate across the industry to both share our knowledge as well as learn from others who’ve faced similar challenges, helping to create a safer online environment for today’s users. 

2. Membership with Tech Against Terrorism

Tech Against Terrorism is an initiative supported by the United Nations Counter Terrorism Executive Directorate (UN CTED), which works with the global tech industry to tackle terrorist use of the internet while respecting human rights. We’re excited to announce we are now a member of this important organization, as we believe Tech Against Terrorism aligns with and supports the goals of our Trust & Safety team at Zoom. 

“We are honored to be part of Tech Against Terrorism. By joining this organization, Zoom furthers its commitment to fostering trust, safety, and respect for its users while supporting the free exchange of thoughts and ideas. Together, we look forward to achieving our shared goals of combatting the use of technology for terrorist acts and making the internet a safe space.”

Josh Kallmer, Head of Global Public Policy and Government Relations

3. Reflecting back on our response 

Transparency is a core value for our Trust & Safety team — we want to be forthright with our community about our activities and incident response, informing users about the actions we take to keep our platform safe and remain compliant. As such, we’ve built out a few reports to reflect the actions we’ve taken to adhere to both government requests and our own Acceptable Use Guidelines.

  • August 2021 Transparency Report: Our transparency report offers insight into how Zoom responds to requests for user data from law enforcement agencies and government authorities globally, explaining the variety of requests we have complied with during a certain period of time. We publish our transparency reports semi-annually, with reporting periods from January to June and July to December.
  • Acceptable Use Guidelines Enforcement Report: In October 2020, we published our Acceptable Use Guidelines, which govern the entire Zoom platform and describe the types of content and behavior we prohibit. To provide transparency into how we’ve imposed these standards, we’ve created the Acceptable Use Guidelines Enforcement Report, which outlines the issues and violations addressed and resolved for specific countries during a certain time. The information in this report updates on approximately a monthly basis, in full month increments.

Trust leads the way

We want to do our part in making the internet a safer place. We’ve implemented these important measures to help further that goal, striving to create a seamless and safe experience for all our users. 

We’re excited to work with GIFCT, Tech Against Terrorism, and future organizations that will help us achieve our goals. These initiatives help bring our platform into a new era — one characterized by transparency and trust. 

To learn more about our Trust & Safety program, visit our Trust Center.

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