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Personalizing Financial Services Client Engagement With Zoom Contact Center

Personalizing Financial Services Client Engagement With Zoom Contact Center

It’s an omnichannel world, we’re just living in it.  

Today’s customers want to choose how they engage with brands, whether it’s by phone call, video meeting, instant message, or in-person interaction, making a seamless omnichannel experience vital for effective customer engagement.

With an omnichannel approach essential for increasing customer trust, financial services firms need to adopt it as a core aspect of their business strategy. Meeting clients where they are — and engaging with them across preferred channels — helps instill an authentic sense of customer loyalty that’s key for sustainable business growth. 

That’s where a video-first, omnichannel contact center solution like Zoom Contact Center can help.

A new kind of contact center 

Relationships are at the heart of financial services — necessitating a contact center solution that’s designed to foster meaningful connections and the seamless exchange of information.

Zoom Contact Center is the first omnichannel contact center platform that is optimized for video and intentionally supports a robust suite of channels. Combining contact center functionality with Zoom’s unified communications solutions, Zoom Contact Center can operate as a standalone customer experience solution or integrate directly into an existing website or application. Zoom customers who use Zoom Meetings, Zoom Phone, and/or Zoom Team Chat will recognize the agent and supervisor interaction handling experience, as it is part of the same Zoom application.

Financial institutions can leverage Zoom Contact Center to uplevel client and employee experiences alike, with early adopters already witnessing a positive impact on the support process.

“With Zoom Contact Center, our contact center supervisors have the ability to organize service representatives based on skills, so when a member reaches out, we can now route their inquiries directly to experts that are equipped to handle their unique needs. A process that would previously require multiple service representatives can now be accelerated and streamlined into a single conversation. We’ve seen our overall call time and pick-up time improve significantly as we provide more efficient resolution and a better experience for our members.”

Chris Neal, Senior Vice President Operations, First Federal Credit Union

An omnichannel approach to client engagement 

The Zoom Contact Center is a jack-of-all-trades — it can enable face-to-face virtual banking, quick and effective customer support, new opportunities for generating revenue, and more. Its competitive features and innovative design can support different business functions across the finance industry. Here are just a few:

Video banking: Engage with clients face-to-face over an easy-to-use video meeting interface, creating a friendly environment to discuss financial goals and needs. 

Insurance: Easily manage, track, and communicate changes involving the claims process or new policies in real-time over chat. 

Lending: Talk through a new loan process over a voice call, walking clients through next steps and chatting through important decisions. You can edit routing profiles to make sure you direct inbound customer inquiries to the lender best suited for that customer’s profile. 

Wealth management: Elevate advisor sessions beyond the traditional portfolio review, using video meeting features to make planning sessions more interactive and engaging. 

Relationship management as a competitive differentiator 

According to Frost & Sullivan, 50% of financial services firms employ video chat for customer interactions today; another 44% expect to do so in the coming year. A video-first, omnichannel customer engagement strategy is now table stakes for financial services — any institution hoping to remain competitive needs to remove barriers to adoption now. Doing so will unearth new revenue sources while still nurturing brand loyalty. 

Zoom Contact Center is an intuitive, video-first contact center solution that is easy to configure and scales as your business grows. The all-in-one solution removes the complexity caused by multiple service providers while still providing the personal touch today’s customers crave.

Discover how you can benefit from a contact center today.

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