Football Federation Australia Creates Virtual Meeting Spaces, Simplifies Match Reviews with Zoom

Football Federation Australia Creates Virtual Meeting Spaces, Simplifies Match Reviews with Zoom

As the governing body of one of Australia’s most popular sports, Football Federation Australia (FFA) is a key player in the international football space. Established in 2004, FFA is a member of the Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), the international governing body for football, which cements its position as a valuable contributor to the international culture and legacy of football.

FFA is dedicated to promoting Australian football both at home and abroad, with employees and league ambassadors across the world working to promote the league and its players. To ensure that Australian football continues to grow and improve, FFA strives to build strong national teams and elite player development, A-league and competitions, and a passionate football community.

Zoom and efficient match reviews

Its Leagues Compliance Team also holds a Match Review Panel (MRP) every Monday after weekend matches for the elite leagues (A-league and W-league) to ensure compliance and league integrity. The MRP examines flagged incidents from the weekend’s matches using content clips supplied by broadcast partners, reviewing the incidents and the action taken against the players involved. The members of this committee include former players, legal advisers, club administrators, and coaching staff who use their intimate knowledge of the game to provide insight and analysis. 

These committee members are dispersed across Australia and New Zealand, which means that they often cannot meet in person. FFA had a legacy video conferencing tool in place to create a virtual meeting space for the committee, but issues with reliability and a complicated user interface led to friction in the experience. 

“One of the challenges that we had was walking into a conference room and not being able to easily start a meeting,” said John Howell, IT operations manager for FFA. 

FFA’s video conferencing solution also couldn’t provide high-quality streaming for video playback for the MRP, which made it difficult for committee members to review content. After deciding to find another video solution, FFA decided to implement Zoom based on the simplicity and reliability of the platform.

While simplicity and reliability helped to improve the user experience, it also helped FFA maintain the integrity of the sport by allowing it to stream high-quality content clips easily and clearly. With multiple committee members reviewing high-quality video in a virtual space, the committee is better able to make decisions that will improve the quality and fairness of the game with confidence. 

Simplifying meetings, enabling remote work

Zoom’s intuitive user interface and the ability to easily schedule and join meetings has helped the organization significantly reduce the “meeting tax,” or the time it takes to organize and start a meeting. And because committee members can meet and review content reliably in a virtual space, FFA doesn’t have to spend valuable resources getting people together for an in-person meeting. 

FFA was also able to initiate an important culture shift with Zoom. By implementing a leading video-first unified communications platform like Zoom, FFA was able to add remote working options into its employment structure. 

“When I first came in, 100% of our employees were office-based, but Zoom enabled an option for us to work remotely,” Howell said. “Today, around 30% of the employees work from home once a week, and this is a win-win for both an employee and a business.” 

With a modern way to collaborate more effectively regardless of location, FFA has expanded its ability to promote football around Australia and can enable its mission of bringing football and its legacy into the future. 

To learn more about FFA and how it is leveraging Zoom to promote football at home and abroad, read the full case study.

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