The Courage To Try: Zoom #Founders Chat

The Courage To Try: Zoom #Founders Chat

zoom - courage to try 1Zoom was founded by members of the founding engineering team from WebEx. We wear our heritage with pride as their past experiences have allowed us to build a world-class product at Zoom. This heritage is center stage on the new Dell #Founders Chat, The Courage to Try. Dell #Founder Chats allows founders to tell their stories, provide advice, and spark exciting innovation for all of us.

The #Founders Chat with our CEO, Eric Yuan, delves into Eric’s history in the Silicon Valley, from his arrival here, through his time at WebEx, to the founding of our company.

In discussing this journey, Eric provides some sound advice for entrepreneurs. First, to understand your company’s vision, strategy and execution from the start. He sees solid execution as a the thing that sets successful companies apart from their competitors.

zoom - courage to try 2What makes for great execution?

1. Focus: “You cannot distract yourself or your business on something else.” Focus on your core business and improve your service every day.

2. Courage: “The courage to try and the courage to try again if you fail.” Every new entrepreneur faces setbacks but it’s important to keep trying. Eric learned this lesson firsthand when at WebEx. His team was told they would fail, that they would never unseat the market leader. They soon proved their doubters wrong.

So why leave the market leader and start Zoom? “This is my new journey,” said Eric, “We want to build another world class brand and another world class product.”

Want to learn more? Watch the complete The Courage to Try. We also suggest checking out the other #Founders Chats while you’re at it.
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