Be a Warrior: Four Ideas for Involving Your Entire Team

Be a Warrior: Four Ideas for Involving Your Entire Team

The NBA Finals are over and Zoom congratulates the Cleveland Cavaliers on their hard-fought win! Looking back, we at Zoom HQ have all been thrilled by the amazing rise of our home team, the Golden State Warriors. It has been a blast to watch them perform so amazingly well over the past couple of years. Even though they were not victorious in the end, it has been a blast! In our excitement, we started thinking about what makes for a great team and how conscientious management plays a role.Screen Shot 2016-06-19 at 10.49.13 PM

What we’ve noticed in part is that while of course much credit is due to the super stars – the Splash Brothers Steph and Klay – every team member plays a crucial role. From a Draymond slam dunk to an Andre rebound, every team member contributes to the win. Just as on your team, every member contributes and every member should have a voice. Let’s look at four ways you can enable your team, particularly its remote members, and give them a voice.

1. Ongoing Professional Development

Having your employees spend all their time at conferences instead of doing actual work is a bad idea of course. But it can be helpful to spend a couple days a year learning about best practices and new trends in your industry. It can refresh stale processes, bring in new ideas, and make people excited to do their work. This is particularly easy if you have team members in different cities. Let your employees pick a conference to attend in their home city, and ask that they prepare a report for the team on what they’ve learned and new strategies they can implement. That way everyone gets the conference’s key takeaways without having to travel.

2. Don’t Skip Weekly Team Check Ins

It’s easy to skip your weekly check-ins. Things come up, fires to fight, as they say, and it can feel like a waste of time to come together and just talk. But these regular meetings are vital, particularly for remote teams. This keeps the lines of communication open, addresses issues before they become major problems, and helps keep people on track. Video is crucial to this process – it levels the playing field between the remote participants and the local attendees. Instead of just disembodied voices on the other end of a call, every team member can see and be seen as they review their work.

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3. Bottoms Up Evaluations

You’re a smart person, we’d guess that’s why you’re reading this blog after all 🙂 You’re probably also a great manager. But chances are: you’re not perfect. Maybe there are a few small tweeks you could make to your routine or communication style that would make a big difference for your employees. You won’t know unless you ask them to review you. If you keep it anonymous, then your entire team will feel that they can make their voices heard without fear.

4. Socialize

Host a monthly, optional “no-work talk” coffee. Everyone brings their morning coffee and meets in person and virtually on Zoom. We do this with our remote offices and we even include a fun ice breaker question and some free donuts (alas, virtual donut delivery is still in beta). Activities like this help develop bonds between local and remote participants, building empathy and camaraderie.

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