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Frontera Energy Runs Zoom Phone on Colombian PSTN & Consolidates Its Communications Tech Stack

Frontera Energy Runs Zoom Phone on Colombian PSTN & Consolidates Its Communications Tech Stack

Toronto, Canada-based Frontera Energy Corp. is an oil and gas company specializing in exploration and production in South American countries like Peru, Colombia, and Ecuador. Its mission is to produce oil and gas in an ethical way by working in harmony with nature, ensuring a sustainable supply chain, promoting human rights in their operations, and operating with transparency.

When the new management team began restructuring the company in 2017, it had to figure out how to make the company viable again. This meant going through every aspect of Frontera’s day-to-day operations and finding areas to improve efficiency and productivity. Its communications stack was one of those areas.

“After reviewing our technology stack, we discovered that we were using a lot of legacy systems and applications; a lot of old technology,” said Santiago Lievano, Frontera’s Head of Information Technology. “We didn’t have a unified communications environment. We were using traditional landlines in Canada and a PSTN provider in Colombia for our phone solution, as well as several tools for video conferencing and chat.”

Lievano and the IT team at Frontera wanted to migrate to a unified communications platform to simplify their stack, but based on infrastructure limitations South America, that seemed nearly impossible. Any solution they implemented, for instance, would have to go through PSTN providers in both Colombia and Peru, and finding a solution that could work with those providers proved to be extremely difficult. 

But there was a solution: running Zoom Phone’s cloud phone system on Colombia Telefonica’s PSTN network.

Read the full case study to learn how Frontera used Zoom Phone’s Bring Your Own Carrier feature to consolidate solutions and enable reliable communications, even with its teams in remote South American oil fields.

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Or watch the “Zoom Phone: Bring Your Carrier to Our Cloud” on-demand webinar featuring Frontera Energy:

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