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A Comprehensive Solution: Fundation Improves Its Phone and Video Communications During COVID-19 with Zoom

A Comprehensive Solution: Fundation Improves Its Phone and Video Communications During COVID-19 with Zoom

Fundation is empowering the nation’s leading banks and other financial institutions to modernize how they deliver credit solutions and create an exceptional borrowing experience for small-business owners while making better credit risk and fraud risk decisions. 

In our latest case study, Ryan McMahon, Fundation’s Director of New Partnership Operations & Account Management, and Barry Feierstein, Fundation’s Chief Operating Officer, described how the organization leveraged Zoom to create a communications infrastructure that met the needs of the business, its employees, and its customers, even during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The need for phone + video 

Feierstein said, “The challenge was that the product we had didn’t do what was advertised. The user interface was really cumbersome. It also didn’t have any of the integrated chat/contact and calendering features we wanted, and the user experience wasn’t up to par.” 

A solution to fit all needs

“We didn’t have a lot of exposure to Zoom, but when I saw the product, I thought it was ‘Apple-like’ – I didn’t need an owner’s manual to use it, I didn’t have to go to the help section, I just figured it out because it’s really intuitive,” Feierstein said. “And the fact that Zoom integrated with Five9, which we use in our call center, was a huge part of our decision.”

“We also quickly saw that Zoom’s teams were much more lockstep in terms of how we operate, how we view the world, and how we need to react to things,” McMahon added. “It was sort of an intangible need we had, but we soon figured out Zoom could meet it.”

Seamless communication during uncertain times

“If we hadn’t had Zoom in place before we all started working from home, I don’t think we would have been as successful in running our business during this pandemic,” Feirerstein said. “With Zoom our employees could communicate using audio, chat, or video to fit their needs. And with video, I could see how people were doing, how they were feeling, whether or not they were engaged in the conversation. I haven’t seen some coworkers in-person in months, but I feel like I see them every day with Zoom. I also love the Presence feature and the chat feature – it makes it easy to know when someone is available while the chat feature makes it simple to communicate while someone is in a meeting or on a phone call.”

Read the full case study on how Fundation leverages Zoom’s unified communications platform for all its communication needs.

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