The Growing Relevancy of Zoom Video Collaboration

The Growing Relevancy of Zoom Video Collaboration

To many owner-operators, CEOs, and sole proprietors, video conferencing will often receive a passing mention but won’t necessarily be looked at as a viable business booster. This is often accompanied by the notion that the company’s internal communications already function at a satisfactory level and supplementing that with a conferencing solution that introduces video into the mix isn’t necessarily going to “add value” to what is already being used.

For people who have already tried video conferencing, the process of using it has often been tedious, unworthy of use in high productivity environments. Solutions they try are either missing something major or include a confusing array of configuration options that must be perfectly tuned in order for a meeting to go at least somewhat smoothly. Most of these people have already discarded video conferencing as an option without even realizing that it is experiencing a Renaissance through Zoom.

If you haven’t tried Zoom yet, you must take into account that our software is already playing an important role in the future of education, business, and humanitarian efforts. This role is only going to get more important. Here’s our reasoning behind this:

GlobalizationThe market is going global.

People from Japan are buying Skittles, Swedes are purchasing Bose headsets, and Romanians are just having their first taste of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups with a can of Dr. Pepper. All of the companies mentioned are global companies with very well-established brands. They mostly marketed their products in the old-school fashion, which required a magnificent investment in teams from around the world to coordinate the introduction of their products. No one really imagines young or small local companies doing the same, but they are doing it. Small producers have tons to gain by selling and distributing their products worldwide, and this usually becomes a thought in the back of the owner-operator’s mind when the business approaches the mid-market tier.

The thing is that global outreach isn’t something that necessarily has to be a thought in the back of anyone’s head. With the right tools, you can introduce yourself to anyone at the flip of a dime. It’s called video conferencing. With Zoom, you don’t just accelerate communication within your company. You also do it with the entire world.

The education market is no exception. We have customers such as Ottawa University in the education sector who are using our product to meet students and peers around the country or world. This kind of global outreach allows all of us to gain something with very little blowback with concerns to budgeting. In a way, Zoom makes globalization less risky and much more convenient.

JAS Forwarding Worldwide, one of our customers, uses Zoom to facilitate its coordination with its teams around the world. It connects the company in ways that had previously required immense expenditures that now go into lucrative areas such as development and expansion. As for smaller companies, look no further than Twoodo, which uses Zoom to connect with international customers.

Supported DevicesIntegrated technology makes you more flexible.

When we say “integrated technology,” we’re referring to technology that can adapt to different platforms. With our solution, you don’t need to worry about what kind of hardware you’re running it on. It will run on practically anything that can open a link – iOS, Android, Mac, PC, H.323 and SIP room systems, and, of course, ZoomPresence.

Using integrated technology opens up more opportunities for the people you’re communicating with. Your employees and your customers do not need to use the same platform you’re using. Integrated solutions work in any industry and every situation. Instead of forcing you to adapt a different strategy to make your organization more compatible with it, Zoom adapts itself to whatever you wish to run it on. This makes it much easier for you to make reforms and overhauls without having to look for a new solution that “does what you want it to.”

BYODBYOD is becoming an essential part of business ecosystems.

Businesses around the world have been experiencing for the last three years or so a trend in mobility known as “bring your own device” (BYOD). It basically means that employees want to use their own mobile devices at work. This creates a bit of a problem in managing security, which most companies are dealing with by adopting single sign-on (SSO) and mobile device management (MDM) solutions. While BYOD might seem like a pestilence, it could actually be a boon for organizations whose employees often leave the confines of the office.

Combined with a powerful video communications solution like Zoom, having a strong presence of mobile devices in an organization makes it possible to better coordinate and support employees and customers who are not close to a desktop computer.

To show more clearly what we’re talking about, we present you with a scenario: Your company assesses damage to property for insurance claims. To see if there is enough evidence of damage to send an employee over to investigate the case, you ask the customer to show you the problem using a mobile device running Zoom. With this preview of damages, you can better equip your company for the visit. This type of scenario can be applied to a large number of situations where visualizing something is key to coming up with a quick resolution to the problem. It makes your organization more efficient and competitive. In addition to that, it minimizes losses.

If you’re interested in acquiring an SSO solution, we suggest you check out our partners to see the providers with whom we currently integrate.

The world is opening up.

The internet has become a platform that connects people of different creeds, ideologies, nationalities, races, and genders, allowing them the possibility of working together. Zoom gives them all a face. If you’re not using video conferencing now, you’ll be using it soon. When you decide to start doing it, the best choice would be to begin with a platform that doesn’t hamper and instead enhances your productivity.

If you want to hop on our platform, you can do it right now by getting a free account.

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