Zoom’s Growth Hacking at APPNATION VI

Zoom’s Growth Hacking at APPNATION VI

We atScreen Shot 2014-12-23 at 9.34.19 AM Zoom are big on growth hacking. Growth hacking is a set of product and marketing practices that rely on product creativity, social media, and analytics to acquire users without breaking the bank. If that sounds familiar, maybe you too work for a up-by-your-bootstraps Silicon Valley start-up, or maybe you just read this post by Nick Chong on how Zoom used product development, smart hiring, “word-of-experience” marketing, and other tactics to grow Zoom to 30 million participants and 30,000 businesses.

Zan6-array-image-Nick-Chong-300x200oom’s growth hacking prowess has caught the eye of the folks over at APPNATION, so Nick will join as a panelist on an upcoming session at APPNATION VI @ CES on January 5: Growth Hacking Master Class – Best Practices and Open Q&A with Master Growth Hackers. This session features leading growth hacking experts discussing “how you can leverage sophisticated, high-impact techniques and disciplines that leverage creativity, analytical thinking and social metrics to gain exposure, discover and engage new users and consumers, and drive app monetization and bolster your bottom line.” It features:

  • Session Leader Sean Ellis, CEO of Qualaroo and Growthackers.com
  • Edith Yeung, Partner at 500 Mobile Collective and 500 Startups
  • Aykut Karaalioglu, Founder and CEO of Mobile Action
  • Nick Chong, Head of Product Marketing for – you guessed it! – Zoom

APPNATION VI is the perfect place for app developers and publishers to learn about app discovery, user acquisition, and monetization. Zoom is the first in the industry to offer iOS Screen Sharing that allows developers to showcase their apps using screen sharing technology to thousands of remote participants. To learn more, check out this video (at the 55-second mark) by David Maldow of Let’s Do Video:

We hope you can make it to APPNATION VI to see the panel and meet Nick Chong. Regardless, try Zoom today to meet and screen share for free with up to 25 participants!

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