Guest Blogger: Technology Coaching & Connections Via Zoom

Guest Blogger: Technology Coaching & Connections Via Zoom

As a small business owner, I was excited when I discovered Zoom. I had been looking for a web-based, screen-sharing program to use to teach seniors how to get the most out of their computers, phones and tablets. What I discovered once I started “playing”’ with the many features Zoom offers, is that it is one of the easiest programs for communicating face-to-face with people, while each remain in their own offices and homes.

Zoom is also an ideal program for Network Marketers. It allows them to easily reach and interact with prospects, do presentations, and train and stay in contact with their team members. To see how practical Zoom really is, check out the video I made of a quick session with Catherine Foster, Artist and Network Marketer, as she shares her excitement with its potential for her businesses. She was not prepared to be videoed so the frames in which she is speaking show up as black with a small icon. This is what you will see if a meeting participant does not use a webcam. Also, if someone phones in instead of using the computer, an image of a phone receiver shows while they are talking.

Screen shot of a Zoom lesson on my website.
Screen shot of a Zoom lesson on my website.

Here’s how I use Zoom in my business:

  • I screen share the applications people want to learn – like searching the Web, and sending and receiving email, photos, videos and voice messages.
  • I explain the “how-to’s” by demonstrating how to use each program. This includes going onto the Internet from my desktop.
  • When using Zoom, I give my students permission to video record the session I’ve been teaching so they can go back at any time and review it.
  • Other times I record and edit the most relevant section of a teaching session, and send the video link to my client.

Though my initial intention for using Zoom was one-on-one coaching, I love the fact that people can also use Zoom to connect with their families and loved ones face-to-face.  I also use Zoom to connect with personal colleagues to discuss the class work we are all doing in a program I enjoy.

A group coaching session on Zoom.
A group coaching session on Zoom.

There are several programs that do not offer much of what is available on Zoom AND, in my experience, are not as easy as Zoom to explain or use.

With Zoom, simply respond to a meeting invitation, wait a few moments for the application to download and then it’s there with the video camera icon. No reinstallation the “next time,” no hunting around in your computer or online to look for login places or how and where to start.  In addition there is NO charge for 1-to-1 meetings or 40-minute or less group gatherings. Relatively speaking, the investment is nominal for monthly (or annual) service with unlimited minutes for meetings of up to 25 people.

Thank you Zoom for making this available to us all AND for the EXCELLENT, responsive, SUPPORT from your team.

For those who want to see how to use Zoom right now, I’ve posted a full, easy-to-follow tutorial.

Sheila Known as “The Tech Savvy Senior,” Sheila Finkelstein is a 73 year-old grandmother who teaches computer literacy to seniors, educators and business professionals.


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