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A Guide to Courageous Leadership in Times of Global Change

A Guide to Courageous Leadership in Times of Global Change

Work as we know it is changing because of the COVID-19 pandemic. As many companies shift to remote collaboration, the routines and stability that many employees have relied on for years have vanished. Beyond work, many are also feeling anxious or scared, experiencing isolation, and facing any number of other challenges.

There are lots of useful tips and tricks out there to more effectively manage a remote team; we’ve even shared our own best practices. However, leading through a crisis, especially remotely, requires more than keeping employees on task. It takes courage. We don’t mean donning a mask and tights to begin your new career as a superhero, but rather the courage to be 100% human — and to allow your team to be the same. 

As a leader, you provide the guidance and connection your team needs to work together and remain resilient. In uncertain times, your role is to engage in meaningful, and often difficult, conversations to help employees understand this new environment and succeed.

Now is an opportunity for you, as a leader, to demonstrate your true priorities — the well-being and safety of your employees — and to build trust by creating a space for team members to be honest and vulnerable, and for you to share your own vulnerability. 

Zoom’s People Experience Team has put together a guide that focuses on five key connection areas to help you lead your team through uncertainty and connect in a way that will help them through this difficult time, together.

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