What Creates a Happy Workplace: Zoomtopia 2017 CIO Panel

What Creates a Happy Workplace: Zoomtopia 2017 CIO Panel

What creates a happy workplace? And whose job is it to ensure that workplace is indeed happy? The answer to such a complex problem is not one easily found, but who better to ask in the tech industry than a CIO? Or better yet, let’s make it four CIOs. At Zoomtopia 2017, our first-ever user conference last month, we spoke with CIOs from four companies to better understand their perspective of increasing productivity while ensuring high employee morale.

Moderated by Michael Krigsman, industry analyst & Zoom user, the CIO panel included:

Here is the full session recording:

Discussing topics ranging from customer relationship management to the ever-changing nature of our industry, we listened as these CIO’s shared their incredibly valuable and unique opinions in a casual, non-traditional style. In response to the first question of the discussion, Raparini said “First of all, happy employees are more productive employees, and if productive employees are not the CIO’s job, I don’t know whose job it is.” In a few short words, Raparini emphasized the ethos of collaboration: Happiness. It’s simple, those who like the work they do, and they way they do it, are happy. The happiness found only continues this wonderful cycle, as those who are happy produce great work.

What then creates a happy work environment? Anyone claiming to have the entire recipe to workplace happiness is lying, but those who seem to have figured most of it out, are probably using Zoom. Like Zoom, the platform environment, which enables users to access the applications they need in an organized fashion, enables employees to be more productive and connect with each other in new ways. In theory, this new-found efficiency should increase employee production, but there is an underlying assumption that the technology must work. Luckily for our users, working well is our specialty. “Zoom just works,” Mannakkara said, “And that, is actually the best possible thing I could say.”

To see the full discussion, as well as other speaking sessions from the event, check out Zoomtopia 2017 playlist. Think your company could benefit from happier employees and increased productivity? Sign up for a 1-on-1 product demo now!


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