High-Fidelity, Professional-Grade Audio on Zoom

High-Fidelity, Professional-Grade Audio on Zoom

The Zoom platform is fantastic at background noise cancellation for when you need to be heard on your Zoom meeting rather than the neighbor’s lawnmower or a barking dog. But what if you actually wanted to highlight your background audio for when music is the star of the show?

Zoom just rolled out High-Fidelity Music Mode, designed to provide professional-grade audio and optimize all kinds of sound and music use cases happening in your Zoom Meetings. High-Fidelity Music Mode delivers professional audio from a single Zoom client, streaming to one or more listeners, for performing arts and music teachers, songwriters, and anyone else looking for rich, professional-grade sound over Zoom.

Hear the difference

Video courtesy of the Yale School of Music

Available for Windows and Mac users, this option under Advanced Audio enhances our Original Audio mode and:

  • Disables echo cancellation and post-processing
  • Eliminates audio compression
  • Raises the audio codec quality

Using this new functionality is as easy as adjusting a couple of preferences in your Zoom settings. A wired network connection is recommended.

Enable high-fidelity music mode in your Zoom settings

The really cool part: This hi-fi audio is available to you over Zoom’s industry-leading VoIP service. It’s all possible because Zoom’s VoIP uses higher-clarity broadband audio (HD voice) instead of the narrow-band audio used by most PSTN lines, which can muffle the sound.

Using Zoom’s hi-fi audio

For any situation that requires you to get every audio detail, Zoom’s hi-fi music mode brings richness to our already clear audio. Some of the ways you can use High-Fidelity Music Mode include: 

  • Virtual music lessons: A teacher can hear the right (or wrong) tones their students make, so learning is easy, effective, and clear over Zoom. 
  • Live performances: Help your audience feel closer to the live experiences they may be missing amid social-distancing mandates. 
  • Songwriting: Work out all the details of that next big hit when writing songs with others over Zoom.
  • Dance, fitness & yoga classes: Music is an essential part of inspiring us to move. Be fully transported into a ballet studio, the high-intensity interval training (HIIT) session, or calming sounds and breathwork. 

High-fidelity audio also has applications beyond music. A remote doctor can clearly hear a patient’s breathing challenges, chest tap, or troubling cough. Digital stethoscopes can pick up a faint heartbeat or hear elderly patients speaking when their voices might be soft or distant. Sound is an important part of many diagnoses, and with High-Fidelity Music Mode, it’s even more clear. 

And check out this article on the joint effort of several music schools, including the Yale School of Music, that led the charge in the development of Zoom’s High-Fidelity Music Mode and help right the ship for “a profession in crisis.”

Get richer audio today

Whether you’re a professional or collegiate musician or just starting to learn an instrument with a virtual instructor, Zoom helps provide a premium audio experience for those of us Zoomers who want a little more “hi-fi” when it comes to our streaming audio.

Want to learn how to get the most out of Zoom’s high-quality audio and video communications? Schedule a personalized demo with a Zoom product specialist today!

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