Higher Colleges of Technology Expands Horizons With Zoom

Higher Colleges of Technology Expands Horizons With Zoom

hctRead up on our newest case study: The Higher Colleges of Technology Expands Its Horizons With Zoom’s Flexible Solution! This case looks at the Higher Colleges of Technology (HCT), the largest provider of educational services in the United Arab Emirates. Its 20,000 students are distributed across 17 campuses in many of the country’s cities. They use Zoom to connect these campuses.

We had the opportunity to speak with Dr. Hamad Odhabi, the dean of computer & information science and applied communications at HCT, and Mohammed Tabbara, a professor of computer & information science at HCT.

In our conversation, they told us how they came across Zoom, how the software was implemented, and how it benefits HCT.

170463225HCT’s use of Zoom started with cross-campus faculty meetings. Dr. Odhabi was looking for the perfect video meeting software to help his faculty avoid long trips to other campuses. He explains: “I started evaluating online meeting software. Eventually, I happened to come across a website that was using Zoom in its back-end. It was easy to connect, very simple to use, and had great quality audio and video. As I investigated further, I discovered Zoom’s Meeting Connector, where we could host our meetings on local servers.

Zoom’s powerful platform was sufficiently easy to use that HCT could immediately start using it to connect their faculty. It was an immediate hit! “I’ve tried a variety of different video conferencing solutions and have found none of them to match up to what Zoom can provide,” added Tabbara.

HCT’s relationship with Zoom didn’t end there, though. HCT also uses Zoom as an important teaching tool for students learning remotely.

“When Dr. Odhabi introduced Zoom to our department, I immediately started adjusting my courses to run through the software,” said Tabbara. “I have been able to introduce my students to it, all of whom started out without any previous Zoom experience. They found it very intuitive and easy to use. Eventually, I started running all of my courses through it. My students love Zoom.

Zoom has become an integral part of how HCT operates. Teaching classes remotely means that students do not necessarily have to travel to other colleges in order to participate. They now have another option, allowing them much-needed flexibility. Our software’s multi-platform support ensured that they were able to view their courses across their personal devices.

476439903As time has passed, HCT has found new uses for Zoom: having faculty teach from one school to students in another school using Zoom, recruiting new teachers on Zoom, and reaching out to students as far away as Kenya. “Aside from our everyday usage of Zoom, we’re also using it for various other initiatives,” said Dr. Odhabi. “For example, some of our students went to Kenya created a wireless network that allowed Kenyans to attend a remote training center running through Zoom from the UAE. Something similar will happen soon in Indonesia.”

Last month, the Higher Colleges of Technology had 935 meetings, 4,618 participants, and about 191,000 total minutes through Zoom. There’s no doubt that our software has now become the lifeblood of this institution’s communication. Learn more about HCT and Zoom by reading the full case, and sign up for your own free Zoom account.


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