Three Ways to Brighten Your Holidays with Zoom

Three Ways to Brighten Your Holidays with Zoom

If you’re the kind who likes to prepare for the holidays early, chances are that you’re thinking about new things to explore this year that will impress people. This time of year is often shared with family and friends, basking in the warmth of a fire in the middle of a cold winter and gazing at the snow from the comfort of your couch.

Sounds great, right? But hosting a party is one of the most stressful parts of celebrating the holidays. It’s kind of difficult to spread cheer when you’re the one who has to make or buy all the eggnog, decorate, get the biggest turkey, then cook everything the day before. What could you possibly add onto this that won’t just stress you out of your wits?

Even if you’re attending a party, you have to look your best (or at least marginally better than the worst-looking person attending), bring treats, shop for gifts, shower quickly, and shop for gifts? Whether you’re the host or the attendee, you’ve got a lot on your mind.

So, how are you going to add more to this experience without subtracting from your sanity? What about, say, serving a delicious side dish of Zoom?

That’s right! You can use Zoom this year in a couple of ways that will make you look like the brains of the party. We’ll show you how:

Invite Distant Friends and Relatives

Every so often, something pops up that prevents a loved one from being able to come to a party. In these situations, Zoom is the magic wand that can beam up whoever is missing out on all the fun!

When things quiet down, announce to the guests that you’ve got something special for them. Open up your laptop, tablet or smartphone, and invite the person who’s missing to a Zoom meeting. It won’t be long before that person is attending the party, too! Added to that, they’ll enjoy being carried around to different conversations like they’re party royalty.

Don’t forget, you can Zoom into the party yourself if you can’t attend! Just have a friend dial you in.

Zoom Party
A remote office patches in for a holiday party

Can’t Make a Party Work? Host A Virtual One!

Who said that you all have to be face-to-face to celebrate the holidays? After all, making a person or work party work is very difficult. You have to invite tons of people, and none of them really are guaranteed to attend. If you keep getting maybes from people you invite, it’s not time to give up!

You know what to do. Send out invites for a Zoom meeting. Once you’re all on Zoom, you can chat and enjoy each other’s company. The party gets even more interesting if you plan ahead – see our most recent blog post for some fun ideas.

Celebrating Christmas? Invite Santa!

Zoom SantaIf you’re attending a Christmas party with kids, they’ll be very disappointed if they don’t see the star of the show!

To do this, all you need is Zoom, an unrecognizable room, and a Santa costume. Have someone dress up in the suit (unless being Santa is your thing) and stay in a room, preferably away from the house where the party will be. Kids are sneaky. Some of them will start snooping around different rooms to see if they can play there. You don’t want any of them to discover that Santa’s not at the North Pole! Also, to add a significant effect, fill the “Santa room” to the brim with decorations. Remember, the more genuine you are, the more thrilled the children will be. You want to make a mark even on the children that are the most difficult to impress.

The main part of this plan involves connecting Santa through Zoom. Have him wait at a Zoom meeting, and save the link to a laptop. Bring the laptop with you where you’ll be hosting or attending the party. Once you’re ready to introduce the kids to Santa, open up the laptop and join the meeting. Just make sure to call Santa beforehand, giving him a heads-up that the meeting is starting soon (you don’t want the kids to catch Santa drinking a Heineken).

With this kind of ingenuity, you can turn an otherwise dull party into something magical for the children.

Want to spread some holiday cheer with Zoom? Do it today and sign up for a free account!

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