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How Blue Yonder Shifted to Work From Home & Supported Critical Supply Chains During COVID-19

How Blue Yonder Shifted to Work From Home & Supported Critical Supply Chains During COVID-19

Blue Yonder provides leading supply chain management solutions through its digital fulfillment platform, ensuring the global delivery of goods through innovative inventory, logistics, and planning services. As COVID-19 swept across the world, the Arizona-based organization relied on Zoom more than ever to seamlessly transition its 5,500 associates to a remote work environment and support its customers’ critical supply chain challenges.

“A number of our customers were facing a multitude of emerging challenges such as demand spikes, transportation disruptions, and inventory and labor shortages, so we needed a solution we could use to coordinate our response to these challenges,” said Dorien Weijts, Senior Vice President and CIO at Blue Yonder. “We also needed to move all of our associates to a work-from-home environment without a loss of productivity or connectivity, and that was a significant challenge we needed to address.” 

Weijts described how Blue Yonder’s use of Zoom Meetings, Zoom Rooms, and Zoom Webinars before COVID-19 helped the company transition to remote work using Zoom and continue supporting its customers.

“The COVID-19 pandemic only helped to accelerate our need and dependence on Zoom as a communications solution,” Weijts said. “In fact, Zoom made going to work from home simple, and it was easy to pick up where we left off in the office.”

Weijts provided examples of how Blue Yonder’s teams are using Zoom today while working from home:

  • Internal and executive communications use Zoom to provide updates on the company and customers through Blue Yonder’s monthly Associate Connection meetings with the CEO and other leadership team members.
  • Sales hosts educational webinars for associates, highlighting new products and features, new customers, and new partnerships.
  • Marketing puts on webinars for customers and prospects highlighting customer use cases and other organizational successes.

Zoom is also core to internal training across departments, to educate employees on new product updates and help them better support their clients.

“The eventual desire is to return to full office settings; however, we have identified opportunities to maintain a highly productive and collaborative work environment while continuing to work remotely,” Weijts said. “This includes additional integration with our on-site conference rooms that will enable us to more seamlessly engage in video conference sessions with our clients and associates – no matter where they are located.”

Check out the full case study to learn more about how Blue Yonder uses Zoom to support customers and employees.

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