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How Do You Sell Real Estate During COVID-19? Singapore-Based PropNex Uses Zoom

How Do You Sell Real Estate During COVID-19? Singapore-Based PropNex Uses Zoom

Singapore is widely considered to be one of the most valuable real estate markets in the world, and PropNex is Singapore’s largest real estate agency. As COVID-19 spread across the world and Southeast Asia, however, many of PropNex’s typical day-to-day operations that took place on-site or in-person became impossible.

In our latest case study, Ismail Gafoor, CEO and Founder of PropNex, described how his company has leveraged Zoom to continue delivering its services and drive its success during such a challenging time.

Continuing operations in a virtual space

One of the most important steps in selling private property is taking the client on a tour of the property. However, social distancing made it impossible for PropNex to continue touring properties. The organization was able to create engaging, informative experiences over Zoom with its clients. 

“Since we’ve started on Zoom, we’ve closed on hundreds of units with clients who have not visited the show-flat or actually seen the physical unit, and all those clients made a decision to sign on the dotted line via Zoom,” Gafoor said. “With these virtual tours, we’ve been able to close on properties virtually. During the last 10 weeks of Circuit Breaker in Singapore, we’ve closed over 50% of the newly launched properties in Singapore over Zoom.”

Leveraging webinars for training 

PropNex needed a way to train its workforce to sell properties using Zoom and connect with prospective customers during the pandemic. PropNex leveraged Zoom Video Webinars to provide company-wide training to empower its employees to sell over the platform and use Zoom Webinar’s robust feature set to tailor their webinars to prospective customers.

“We used Zoom Webinars to train our entire staff – thousands of people – in just a few days,” Gafoor said. “We also use webinars for customer outreach, hosting consumer seminar programs and other programs focusing on leadership and branding. We use the Polling feature to get a feel for how the audience is responding and what they want, which allows us to really optimize the webinar and our customer outreach.” 

Building team cohesiveness 

With countries shut down and travel non-existent, Gafoor needed a way to communicate with employees and maintain the relationships that make up strong sales teams. Gafoor leveraged Zoom to stay in constant contact with his team, provide recognition, and raise worker morale with weekly meetings.

“I speak to my staff every week and I call this a ‘First Parade’ every Tuesday at nine o’clock, with all my key management staff,” Gafoor said. “We talk about the previous week’s good efforts and the challenges ahead. We also announce the people who are having birthdays and we sing a song and celebrate with them, which is great for team morale.” 
To learn more about how PropNex is using Zoom to close on transactions, support its teams, and drive business success during the COVID-19 pandemic, read the full case study.

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