Make Your Organization More Attractive to Millennials

Make Your Organization More Attractive to Millennials

In decades past, people woke up at seven, clocked in at nine, and clocked out at five. This was the life that most of the so-called Baby Boomers and Gen-Xers knew. This kind of environment has been disrupted now that Millennials have appeared in the workforce.

To remain relevant, organizations must adapt to the needs of the fresh breed of folks coming out of college and grad school. One of the simplest ways to do this is to adopt new technologies. Millennials generally feel a strong need for agility and flexibility in their working environments. They also expect technology to work flawlessly. Perhaps the most important tool in your arsenal — given this context — is Zoom, and we will now take the time to explain how to use cloud video communications to attract this generation to work for you.

Satisfy their need for mobility.

While the average Gen X member certainly understands what a smartphone is and knows how to use one by now, they are less interested in tying this device to the workplace. Millennials, on the other hand, live their lives on their mobile device. They grew up with computers, video games, the Internet, and web culture. In a way, Generation X inadvertently groomed them to be completely intertwined with the technology they use, making technology within your firm a valuable asset.

Since these younger adults find more comfort in using these devices to go about their daily business, you can incorporate the workflow into their mobile device with truly mobile-enabled apps such as Zoom. Our software, which offers the only mobile scheduling and mobile screen sharing, integrates seamlessly into mobile environments.

Foster ad hoc teamwork.

Millennials bring with them a sense of community – 74 percent of them preferring to work in small groups – and a need for everyone to be heard when discussing ideas and collaborating on projects. Enable them to start on-the-fly sessions in huddle rooms using Zoom Rooms at breakneck speed, providing the collaborative environment they need to work as productively as their potential allows.

Allow flexible working hours.

A high proportion of Millennials prefer a more flexible job and are willing to compromise on almost anything else to make this possible. You’ll have a harder time getting or keeping someone younger on board unless you break the nine-to-five mentality that has governed the workplace for over a century. Many of them will want to work from home or odd hours at least some of the time, making it more difficult to get them engaged with the workplace. To remedy this, you’ll need a solid video communications software that can connect them in a jiffy with a minimal fuss. This is something we excel in, making it extraordinarily easy for you to create an environment that eliminates the rigid working hours in favor of the flexibility they crave.

Give them reliable tools.

Since they were teenagers, Millennials have been able to instantly accomplish miraculous feats – pull up a map of their exact location, connect with friends around the world, Google even the most esoteric and inane trivia, and so forth. So what happens if you give them a meeting software that takes ten minutes to figure out and five minutes to load? Or one that freezes up and drops calls? They won’t use it! They expect their technology to just work, perfectly, every time. If you don’t provide it, they’ll find it themselves. So don’t waste their time or yours giving them inferior tools. Set them up with a Zoom account on day one.

If you would like to see how Zoom can help you attract and satisfy your Millennial workforce, sign up for a private demo with a product specialist today!

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