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How Zoom Employees use Zoom

How Zoom Employees use Zoom

At Zoom our mantra is simply to make our customers happy. You might think that mantra is just a marketing tagline, but it’s actually driven by our deep-seated belief that you’re happier at work if you’re able to connect on an emotional level with everyone you work with inside and outside your company. While we are enmeshed in technology in nearly every aspect of our professional lives, we’re still human, and to work effectively we need to connect emotionally. That’s why we developed the Zoom Video Communications platform. Video is not just about communicating, but communicating in a way that helps us build better relationships at work. Here are three tips on how you can use Zoom like Zoomies do  — not just to connect, but to build relationships.

Create virtual water cooler experiences. Building relationships with coworkers that are remote or from different offices or functions can be difficult. If everyone is in the same small office you’ll have plenty of “water cooler” moments in the breakroom and elevator to bring the team together. If you don’t all work in the same office, a little bit of effort can help you recreate some of those experiences virtually. That’s why at Zoom we have what we call Zoom Roulette. Once a month the whole company is invited to join one large meeting. A moderator then randomly clusters small groups into virtual video breakout rooms. The smaller groups are able to get to know each other and share what they are working on. It’s a simple way for us to replicate the experience of meeting people in the lunchroom.

Make it easy to meet from ANYWHERE. In today’s work environment, there is a high chance that the people you need to work with will be remote, traveling, or just stuck in traffic from time to time. If you’re always waiting for everyone to be physically present, you may never meet. That’s why almost every calendar invite to an in-person meeting at Zoom also includes a link for a Zoom video meeting. If someone can’t make it in person, that one link makes it’s easy to join from a phone (cell or traditional), tablet, laptop, or conference room. This eliminates that last-minute mad scramble to send a link to a participant that has an unexpected circumstance preventing them for being on site.

Turn your video on. More than 80 percent of business professionals believe face-to-face meetings are better for building trust and strong client relationships. What’s more, every touchpoint with another person at work contributes to your professional brand. So why not use video to help you build trust and make a much more memorable impression? When you have your video on, people will see you as a real person and not just a voice from a conference call. At Zoom, every meeting (except while driving) has video. Those of us that want to convey their personal brand, or simply want a more polished background put green screens behind their desks to create virtual backgrounds that we customize.

However you choose to communicate at work, make sure to do everything you can to connect on an emotional level to build productive and lasting professional relationships.


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