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How Zoom has Supported Young People in the UK During the Pandemic

How Zoom has Supported Young People in the UK During the Pandemic

Young people in the UK have faced enormous challenges over the past year, from restrictions on schooling to reduced opportunities for exercise and social interaction. While nothing can replace face-to-face contact and the hugs of family and friends, technology has helped keep the day-to-day lives of British young people going, and Zoom has kept people connected through these difficult times.

In our latest blog, we share the ways we have helped schools, colleges, universities, and youth organisations across the country to continue to learn, meet and connect, while also supporting organisations that help combat loneliness and the mental health crisis. We recognise our responsibility to give back to the community during these unprecedented times. 

Here are a few ways Zoom has helped young people across the UK during the pandemic:

Working with tens of thousands of schools to continue lessons

We know that school hours are precious for young people, and we continue to work to help pupils stay connected with their teachers by providing schools and colleges with unlimited use of our basic accounts. We know how important digital skills have been throughout the pandemic to enable teachers to quickly adapt and deliver their classes online, and we have provided multi-language virtual guides, weekly training webinars for teachers, and a Zoom Academy to help upskill teachers.

Tens of thousands of schools across the UK now use Zoom in some form based on its secure and intuitive architecture,  helping even those young people and parents with limited digital skills. Zoom also operates well in low-bandwidth environments and can be accessed on any device, meaning that children with slower connections or older devices are not excluded. We’ve also recently announced that Zoom will also be offering Live Transcription to meeting hosts upon request to benefit young people in need of further accessibility options. Students returned to schools returned earlier this month, so be sure to check out our Tips and Features for Teaching in a Hybrid Classroom to get some useful tips for teaching a hybrid class.

Helping universities to deliver courses remotely

We recognise that this has been a particularly difficult time for students, who went to university hoping to make the most of their time with lecturers. Zoom has provided universities with access to its Education Plan, which facilitates the continuance of contact time for students, not just to help them learn, but also to help them stay connected with teaching staff and peers. 

Keeping youth organisations like the Scouts running

Zoom has partnered with hundreds of youth organisations including the Scouts and the Girl Guides to give young people a virtual space to continue to meet with their friends and host events. Zoom recently won the award for being the Scouts’ Most Impactful Partner after hosting 300,000 virtual Scout meetings, helping scouting to continue during the pandemic.

Improving mental wellbeing with Place2Be

Zoom has partnered with Place2Be, a charity that provides mental health counselling support and training to schools, to improve the emotional wellbeing of pupils, families, teachers and staff. By providing a number of licences free of charge, Zoom is supporting Place2Be’s ability to continue its vital work throughout the pandemic. No child should ever face mental health issues alone, and we are proud to partner with Place2Be to help the charity provide its expert support in these challenging times.

Bringing communities together with the Together campaign

As part of our Zoom Cares programme, Zoom is proud to partner with the Together campaign, a coalition of charities, private organisations, and interfaith institutions that aim to help build a kinder and more connected society during the pandemic and beyond. Throughout 2021 we will be working with the campaign to deliver a variety of events and initiatives aimed at supporting and connecting young people across the country, so stay tuned for more information! 

Whether you’re a part of a school, college, university, or youth organisation across the UK, Zoom for Education is here to help you to learn, meet and connect. Be sure to visit for more important resources and the latest information regarding our education programs.   

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