How Zoom Video Webinars Promote Better Employee Training

How Zoom Video Webinars Promote Better Employee Training

Replacing in-person employee training with virtual training can save your company time and capital. The problem is that many firms — particularly those that have large training and more than 500 employees — have inflexible, complex training programs. The tools available to streamline the training process are often rigid and do not offer a strong enough support system to accommodate their needs.

The current trend for employee training is a combination of different models and solutions that help keep the trainee engaged with the current subject and supported whenever problems arise during the process. It is always in the interest of every company to ensure that training takes as little time as possible and yields the best results. Adopting a solution like Zoom, which gives instructors and their assistants the possibility of hosting large multilateral meetings or webinars, bestows upon a company the flexibility to innovate their training models.

Below we will summarize various reasons why, in particular to training, Zoom’s webinars can quickly advance a company’s training processes.

1. Recorded or live – video webinars are more efficient.

In-house training with actual “flesh and blood” presence is notoriously inefficient. For decades, we have tried to find ways to streamline this process and decrease operating expenditures. By removing the entire “flesh and blood” aspect of training sessions, we can effectively eliminate a majority of these inefficiencies.

For one, trainers don’t need to give the same session over and over again to new trainees, and trainees no longer need to be present for the entirety of the session at once. Instead, a one-time Zoom Video Webinar can be recorded as an MP4 with a click of a button and posted to the company intranet. Trainees can view at their own leisure and rewind when they want to hear an important point again.

Saved training sessions can be especially useful for re-training veteran employees who may need a refresher. Have your sessions available and, once every year or so, encourage veterans to watch them again to find out if they are missing out on something that could make them better at their jobs.

Since recording can be less than ideal for highly complex matters as you cannot anticipate the questions of everyone who attends a training session, the ideal training session is often, in fact, live. Host a weekly training webinar at a set time, one that can be joined from any place and any device. Zoom’s webinars can be attended via your trainee’s device running Mac, PC, Linux, iOS, Android, or Blackberry, making it possible for attendees to join from anywhere.

Recorded or live, the cost of flying or driving your employees to the training site, which can be thousands of miles away, is nullified with Zoom Video Webinar.

2. You can avoid sending people to do stuff.

We’ve all encountered this situation before: You recommend a book to your friend and, two years later, he hasn’t read it. During the training process, it’s important to be able to verify any tasks you assign employees. This includes visiting web pages, viewing video clips, reading books, or completing training exercises on their own time that cannot yield verifiable material.

Webinars put trainees on the spot. They are continuously engaging and, when done correctly, present material in a manner that illustrates with precise clarity what it is that trainees must do in their line of work. Zoom’s screen sharing feature provides even more clarity and insight for your viewers. You can even verify understanding and attention through on-the-fly or pre-arraigned polling and Q/A.

3. Cutting costs does not cut quality.

By having one trainer present to hundreds or thousands of people around the country or world, recording the session, then redistributing it to many more, you can reduce your operating costs prodigiously. This is especially attractive to firms that have sprouted quickly and need to train a large number of employees very quickly with a small budget.

When they are properly done, webinars end up being more effective tools for training than the traditional models that companies have been using for years. If you take advantage of Zoom’s webinars, you can put employee training on cruise control.

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