Zoom Customer HP Talks IT/User Relationship on CXOTalk

Zoom Customer HP Talks IT/User Relationship on CXOTalk

Check out the latest CXOTalk, where host Michael Krigsman interviews Zoom customer Gwen Becknell, Senior Director, Employee Experience and Support at HP.

In this podcast, Gwen and Michael discuss how to improve the relationship between IT and consumers of IT services in the business by improving the service experience. In particular, they cover how IT can:

  • Make end-users’ lives easier by providing a seamless, uninterrupted service and making services available wherever the user is
  • Improve work within and between groups through technology such as groupware, collaboration tools, and communications platforms such as Zoom. “We are utilizing Zoom from a video conferencing perspective so we can help to bring the employees together so that they can get their jobs done.”,  said Becknell.
  • Reduce the cost of geographically distributed work groups by making it less necessary to co-locate groups or travel

Watch the talk (which was hosted over Zoom, of course) to learn how your IT organization can become the hero of an awesome user experience in the enterprise, and sign up for a 1-1 demo with a Zoom product specialist to see how Zoom can help!


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