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The Importance Of Interop In Today’s New World

The Importance Of Interop In Today’s New World

We’ve seen a lot over the last year with significant changes to the way we work, learn, communicate, and socialize. With such a rapidly changing world, it’s more important than ever that we increase our adaptability and flexibility while expanding our capabilities. 

Fortunately, Zoom has the technology to get us through these changes and keep us in contact with our friends, family, and colleagues. What used to be a tool used to work remotely or on the road has become an instant requirement for millions of people, forcing everyone to learn how to join Zoom, Webex, BlueJeans, Teams meetings, and more. Some also have new and legacy video conferencing systems they can use from home. It starts to get a little confusing, especially thinking about how all of these systems can work together, share content, and schedule meetings.

Metcalfe’s law states that in order for a communication system to work, all endpoints have to be able to easily communicate with one another. For a phone system to work, all the phones need to be able to call one another. For the internet to be a valued resource, everything has to be accessible from everywhere.

The same goes for the video communications systems we are using today. With myriad different video meetings and conference room systems, they all have to work together. To be effective, communication has to be as easy as dialing a phone number or going to a web page. All of your workplace solutions need to interoperate, but we shouldn’t have to be engineers to get it to work. 

We can now see the critical role video interoperability plays in today’s new world. To continue functioning in this society, we rely on video communication for education, work, medical treatment, and advice. Increased interoperability results in higher-quality communication, which makes it easier to challenge and develop new ways to do things. After the global lockdowns are over, returning to the office, visiting the doctor, or going to school will all be enabled by widely available, easy to use, and interoperable video communication.

To find out how Zoom can help your different systems and endpoints work together to provide a frictionless communication experience, check out this datasheet.

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