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How Complyport Shares Financial Compliance Expertise & Acquires New Clients Using Zoom Webinars

How Complyport Shares Financial Compliance Expertise & Acquires New Clients Using Zoom Webinars

As a leading financial compliance and regulatory consulting practice serving a wide range of industries, Complyport needed an effective means of targeting potential clients with its marketing while demonstrating its knowledge and the value of its services. The London-based organization had previously relied on email marketing campaigns for lead generation, but these time-intensive programs weren’t providing great results.

“Historically, our marketing was very much based around sending out emails and seeing what came back,” said Jonathan Greenstein, Business Development Manager at Complyport. “And these marketing emails had a marginal degree of impact. We needed to get people to come to us as opposed to us having to go pitch them every time.”

Improved marketing with Zoom

After deciding to offer free webinars to target new customers, Greenstein and his IT teams began evaluating various platforms to host them. They found that Zoom Webinars could provide so much functionality at a fraction of the price of other solutions.

“In previous positions, we had used On24 to host webinars,” Greenstein said. “On24 and Zoom have similar functionality, but On24 was significantly more expensive.”

With an affordable and user-friendly means of hosting webinars, Complyport delivers presentations that focus on a specific industry or financial regulation topic, giving the company the ability to target specific clients or sectors. Complyport can easily demonstrate its expertise and offer valuable information about its services, which increases its exposure and drives the acquisition of new clients.

Based on their success with Zoom Webinars, the teams at Complyport also decided to implement Zoom Meetings, which gives them the ability to demonstrate the value of their services to their global clients and further augment their marketing programs. 

“We’ve been using Zoom Meetings for online demonstrations of our regulatory technology tool,” Greenstein said. “So for those clients who aren’t based in London or don’t have the time to meet face-to-face, we’ll schedule a Zoom Meeting with them, and get them online to have a look at all the different tools and applications we have available.”

Delivering added financial services

Greenstein also plans to use Zoom Webinars to host online courses for a new online training endeavor this year. 

“I am helping set up a new financial services training academy, and we anticipate to carry on using Zoom, probably in higher amounts compared to what we’ve been doing so far,” he said. “I regularly tell people how the service has been with Zoom, and I’m more than happy to see what other services Zoom offers.”

Read the full case study to learn more about how Complyport is leveraging Zoom to improve marketing and acquire new clients. 

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