Inside Zoom’s Ultra Non-Sketchy Sales Process

Inside Zoom’s Ultra Non-Sketchy Sales Process

“Their sales rep didn’t get it. He had a plan. I had a plan. And they were different.” – A Zoom customer on their previous experience with another video conferencing company (we’ve left out the competitor name to protect the guilty).

At Zoom, we stick to your plan. We have a non-sketchy, non-egocentric, non-screw-you-over-ish (you know what we mean), and ridiculously flexible sales process. Let’s take a look:

Full-Featured Freemium

Zoom offers a free version of our product. This free version includes video, audio, screen sharing, video breakout rooms, recording, co-annotation, whiteboarding, and just about every other collaboration feature you could need. This means people switch to our paid plans because they really want to, not because they are muscled into it by a watered-down free service. (Why would you upgrade to a paid Zoom plan then, you ask? Here’s your answer.) It also means our customers get a really solid chance to test the product in all circumstances and environments, for as long as they want. No 30-day limit, no surprise charge to your credit card that leaves you feeling violated. Stay free as long as you want!

Zoom DemoTransparency

Our prices are plain as day on our website. Go to to see our standard plans, and then check out our other plans and products linked on that page. If you click Buy Now, you can see the pricing based on how many licenses and what type of plan you select. Also, because we charge per month for each host or room, the costs are predictable. You can budget your IT costs months or years in advance.

All Inclusive

Maintenance? Included. Updates? Included. 24/7/365 Tech support? Included. We don’t hide these costs and tack them on to your bill later. They’re all included in your monthly subscription cost.

No Over-Selling

We go through a discovery process with your company to fully understand your environment and overall needs from a business and technical standpoint. From there, we match you up with the plan that makes the most sense for you. If you have only a few users that need the Large Meeting or Webinar options, we’re not going to push you to have full coverage. We will tailor our plans to meet your needs.

Nice Guys Finish First

We hang out with our sales team every day. They’re great people who are focused on bringing happiness to our users. They’re about finding solutions, not being hyper-salesy sales reps. Don’t take our word for it though. Sign up for a live product demo with a friendly member of our sales team! We think you’ll be impressed, not only with our service, but in the way we work.

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