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Introducing Zoom Contact Center

Introducing Zoom Contact Center

We’re excited to introduce our new contact center as a service, Zoom Contact Center. As the latest product to complement our award-winning line of communications and collaboration solutions, Zoom’s UCaaS platform elevates the customer service experience through video-optimized interactions. 

Unlike most CCaaS solutions that are only optimized for voice, Zoom Contact Center is the first omnichannel cloud contact center platform that is optimized for video and intentionally supports a robust suite of channels, such as voice and video, SMS, and webchat. Zoom Contact Center is available in the U.S. and Canada, UK and Ireland, and Australia and New Zealand.

What is Zoom Contact Center?

Combining contact center services with Zoom unified communications solutions, Zoom’s contact center as a service (CCaaS) can operate as a standalone customer experience solution or integrate directly into an existing website or application. Zoom customers who use Zoom Meetings, Zoom Phone, and/or Zoom Team Chat will recognize the agent and supervisor interaction handling experience, as it is part of the same Zoom application.

Designed to increase productivity, Zoom Contact Center streamlines communication to foster a greater sense of collaboration between colleagues and augment the customer experience.

Why a cloud contact center?

Physical contact centers often tie customer service agents to expensive hardware and software that is difficult to upgrade. Similarly, remote teams struggle with multiple communication tools, softphones, and a separate unified communications client. This inability to upgrade technology and access information quickly can lead to frustration within support teams that impact the customer experience. 

Cloud contact centers serve as a central hub for inbound and outbound customer communications and are compatible with mobile devices, desk phones, and softphones. A cost-efficient alternative to legacy phone systems, cloud contact centers are hosted over the internet to allow employees to work across one platform, regardless of location. As a result, agents can access customer data quickly and resolve customer issues with ease.

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CX is the difference between retention and churn, making cloud-based contact centers a driver of business growth and a competitive differentiator for customer interactions. Their remote-friendly infrastructure and scalable solutions make enterprise cloud contact centers the collaboration platform of choice for the growing hybrid workforce.

Visual engagement elevates the customer service experience

Today’s consumers demand a seamless customer service experience, with 59% of customers believing companies should offer cutting-edge digital experiences. One communication channel that continues to be in demand is video, or visual engagement.

According to a 2023 Metrigy CX MetriCast study of 1,846 global organizations, 53% will be using visual engagement applications to communicate with customers by the end of 2023. With video tools in place, organizations can elevate their customer experience through supportive and empathetic conversations that consolidate customer interactions.

Why Zoom Contact Center?

Zoom Contact Center answers the growing need for an all-in-one unified communications platform and contact center solution. An integrated contact center experience helps organizations remove the barriers that lead teams to work in silos and instead, increases employee collaboration and productivity. Even better, this integration lessens the burden for IT teams by deploying the same Zoom application.

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With Zoom Contact Center, businesses uncover new efficiencies through myriad benefits, including scalable features, innovative functions, intuitive dashboards, and remote-friendly software that offers integrations with popular CRMs and help desk software.

It’s scalable

Our CCaaS was born in the cloud and built for scale to support businesses of all sizes. By paying only for the agent support they need, organizations can focus more on growing their business and training agents and less on wasting resources for unused software licenses or empty desk phones.

It’s innovative

In the same Metrigy CX MetriCast study, surveyed respondents experienced a 25% increase in customer ratings and a 22% increase in revenue by having the ability to escalate an issue to a video call. With just a few lines of code, Zoom’s cloud contact center solution makes it easy to embed video and voice right into your existing digital presence without the need for middleware. Once established, end customers have the option to start a conversation from the digital presence of their choice and easily add video if needed.

It’s remote-friendly

Today, as many as 62% of organizations have full-time, work-from-home contact center employees, making remote and hybrid workforces a more permanent workstyle. As organizations redesign their workspaces and launch new “return to work” plans, now is the time to consider the benefits of an all-in-one, remote-friendly unified communications and contact center solution. Because it’s cloud-based, Zoom Contact Center makes it easy for teams to communicate with customers and access customer data regardless of where they physically work. And when combined with a workforce management solution, it’s even easier for remote teams to manage schedules and collaborate from anywhere.

It’s intuitive

Our CCaaS solution uses advanced, skills-based routing to qualify customers’ needs and route them to the best agent or option to resolve their inquiries. This leads to increased efficiency, faster call resolution time, and dramatic improvements in your CX. Built-in analytics provide clear insight into agent productivity, call time, and customer interactions, which in turn leads to higher customer satisfaction and ultimately, higher retention. Meanwhile, the familiar Zoom experience reduces ramp time and learning curves caused by introducing new software.

With Zoom Contact Center, our contact center supervisors have the ability to organize service representatives based on skills, so when a member reaches out, we can now route their inquiries directly to experts that are equipped to handle their unique needs. A process that would previously require multiple service representatives can now be accelerated and streamlined into a single conversation. We’ve seen our overall call time and pick-up time improve significantly as we provide more efficient resolution and a better experience for our members.

Chris Neal, Senior Vice President Operations, First Federal Credit Union

Get started with Zoom Contact Center

It’s hard to put a price tag on customer service, but it’s easy to see the value behind helping customers have an exceptional experience and walk away satisfied. 

“Zoom understands the importance of bringing together UC and omnichannel contact center into the same experience,” said Blair Pleasant of BCStrategies. “Zoom is known for great video, which is important for high-touch customer scenarios and internal use cases like a help desk. But the fact that Zoom Contact Center supports routing, additional channels, and the agent functionality that organizations need means that Zoom Contact Center could become the modern contact center solution of choice.”

Level up your call center services with Zoom Contact Center to lower your operating costs, expand your brand reputation, and improve your customer connections.

To learn more about our cloud contact center solution, visit our Zoom CCaaS webpage. For more information about Zoom Contact Center channel distribution and resources for Zoom partners, please visit the Zoom Partner Portal.

(Originally published February 23, 2022. Updated to reflect the addition of Zoom Contact Center in new geographies and additional customer experience solutions.)

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