Investment Bank DBO Turns to Secure, Efficient Zoom Video for Client Engagement

Investment Bank DBO Turns to Secure, Efficient Zoom Video for Client Engagement

Check out our case study on DBO Partners, a boutique investment bank that focuses on mergers and acquisitions, private placements, and general advisory assignments across a broad range of sectors. Founded in 2012 by Morgan Stanley veterans, the senior partners have executed over $500 billion in M&A transactions across every major industry.

The firm used different audio solutions in the past to meet with their clients and collaborate internally. However, the audio wasn’t reliable and there was often an issue with hearing each other, from muffled voices to freezing to cutting out completely. This was the main reason DBO Partners needed to upgrade their communications technology.

“When we were ready to make a switch to video communications, we thoroughly evaluated almost all popular solutions on the market – Zoom was an obvious winner for not only the quality of audio and video, but also other products and features like screen sharing,” said Madeleine McCarthy, a principal at DBO Partners.

Due to the highly confidential nature of their work, information security played a major role when choosing a video communications solution. “We are dealing with very private information for our clients when discussing confidential potential transactions, so any technology we choose to use must be highly secure, such as Zoom,” said McCarthy.

Some of Zoom use cases are weekly all-hands meetings, client meetings, and candidate interviews. Microsoft Outlook is widely used by the team, so the Zoom calendar integration makes scheduling a snap.  

Most importantly, Zoom helps DBO move faster and collaborate with their clients. “Zoom made it possible for us to share complex analysis so that all parties can get the complete picture; it helped us to streamline the work product and not waste time emailing files back and forth without the full context. Zoom’s ease of use and feature set made collaborating more powerful and efficient,” said McCarthy.

Check out the full case study here, and if you are ready to deploy and scale a high-quality, intuitive video communications platform across your organization, sign up for a 1-on-1 demo with a Zoom product specialist to learn more.

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