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Developers! Build Video Apps Faster with Jumpstart by Zoom

Developers! Build Video Apps Faster with Jumpstart by Zoom

Zoom continues to develop new tools and resources that spark innovation for developers to build on the Zoom platform. With market demand for app development growing at record speed, we’re happy to announce the availability of Jumpstart, our new beta app builder solution on the Zoom Developer Platform. 

Jumpstart makes it easy to quickly integrate Zoom’s reliable video into an existing app. 

“App development teams are increasingly asked to deliver faster, often with limited resources and while needing to pick up new technologies,” said KellyAnn Fitzpatrick, Senior Industry Analyst, RedMonk. “To address these issues, Jumpstart aims to help developers more quickly get an MVP out the door while also providing a space to learn and experiment with select Zoom SDKs.”

How Jumpstart can help you create an app 

By entering a few key configuration fields and selecting from Video SDK features and branding inputs, Jumpstart will generate code that seamlessly brings Web Video SDK functionality into a new or existing app.


Jumpstart is especially useful if you have a limited budget or in-house IT staff. You will save on development time and resources, which frees your development team up to solve more critical problems. 

Jumpstart is an excellent app building tool if you want to:

  • Launch your own Video SDK app within an existing website
  • Create a Video SDK app to show a potential new customer the power of Zoom Video SDK
  • Experiment with new Video SDK features without changing your existing application 

Add video to your app faster 

With Jumpstart, you can quickly create easy-to-integrate and easy-to-customize Zoom video solutions into your apps at lower costs. Jumpstart supports you and your team by allowing you to:

  • Build apps faster: In just a few minutes, you can create an app.
  • Lower costs: Building on a low-code platform will slash development time and efforts, resulting in reduced costs. 
  • Take on less risk for a higher return on investment: Jumpstart allows you to create an app with Minimum Viable Product (MVP) features to test the waters cost-efficiently. 

How to get started with Jumpstart 

Begin on the Jumpstart web app, where you can create and customize your code with an assortment of features and branding options. After you preview your app and are happy with the choices you selected, download your code and run it using the instructions in your codebase.

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To learn more about Jumpstart, visit and read more in this support article.

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