Kansas State University Leverages Zoom to Scale their Education Programs

Kansas State University Leverages Zoom to Scale their Education Programs

Check out our video case study on Kansas State University (KSU), the oldest public institution of higher learning in the state of Kansas. Zoom has had a significant impact on the ways students are taught at KSU, making education more accessible regardless of location and enhancing student activities with useful technology features.

The Zoom recording feature is used frequently by KSU staff and students, even for in-person meetings. “They will just host a Zoom meeting from their laptop and record it,” said Shelley Griffin, IT and videoconferencing coordinator for KSU. Also, faculty members pre-record their lectures on Zoom and have a teaching assistant play the recording for students instead of canceling class when they are absent. Some instructors require students to watch a pre-recorded lecture at home, so class time can be dedicated to a follow-up discussion and collaboration.

Kansas State University has been using Zoom for almost six years, which allowed students from other campuses attend classes that are only taught on the main campus. Moreover, Zoom enables instructors on other campuses to virtually teach students on the main campus. Zoom Video Webinars is another product that has been a big hit at Kansas State University. “We even use it in our leadership study group, where students just want to watch what is going on, and not necessarily participate,” said Griffin.

Zoom video breakout rooms provide an efficient way to split a large group of students into small teams to work on projects. After discussing a project in small groups via Zoom, students come back to the main session, ready to report.

“All the faculty, staff, and students tend to really like Zoom, and I don’t get a lot of questions about it because it just works,” said Griffin.

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