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Madwire® Teams Keep Up Award-Winning Work Culture at Home Over Zoom

Madwire<sup>®</sup> Teams Keep Up Award-Winning Work Culture at Home Over Zoom

In pre-pandemic days, Madwire’s offices bustled with energy and action, sales celebrations, and impromptu dart games. This family-owned tech company has grown to one of the largest employers in Fort Collins, Colorado, thanks to its strong culture of collaboration and fun.

When COVID-19 cases began to ramp up in early March, Madwire’s busy headquarters quickly went dark as employees transitioned to working from home. With Zoom Meetings & Chat and Zoom Phone, “we had everything we needed to transition to a fully remote company,” said David Jones, CTO of Madwire.

Madwire’s team wanted to figure out how to emulate its unique workplace culture in a new virtual world. In our latest case study, Jones shares how Zoom enables Madwire’s remote work environment and helps this close-knit company celebrate employees.

Sharing client love during all-hands webinars

“JB [Kellogg, Madwire’s co-founder and co-CEO] will show a recording of a customer meeting where our marketing executive shows the customer their new website and the customer says, ‘This is amazing!’ It’s pretty powerful to be able to take that recording and share it with the team. The people who built the website are super stoked. It’s nice to say, ‘The customer really likes the website,’ but when you get to see their reaction, it gives you goosebumps. 

“The team wants to see that the work they’re doing has an impact on the world and this does it in a way that we weren’t able to before.”

Celebrating sales on Zoom Team Chat 

“When we were in the office, we had sales screens where people could announce that they made a sale, met their goal, launched a website, and even play their favorite song. When we went remote, we integrated with the Zoom API and created a chatbot. Now whenever someone hits that goal, it actually gets announced on Zoom Team Chat in our sales channels. And there’s a lot of engagement — people saying, ‘way to go, good job.’”

Showcasing personal passions during team meetings

“We do something called ‘level up’ where somebody on the team talks about something they’re excited about. They don’t have to be an expert on it. It can be about anything — cryptocurrency or database technology, or even good coffee. It’s important to dedicate time to that to preserve our culture and reach out to our team, especially the social animals who need that engagement.”

Dive deeper into our case study for more on how Madwire uses Zoom to maintain its award-winning culture from home.

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