Bye, Boring Trainings! How to Make Learning & Development Interactive with Zoom

Bye, Boring Trainings! How to Make Learning & Development Interactive with Zoom

Whether it’s onboarding new hires or training seasoned professionals on new skills within the company, Zoom’s rich feature set can help to step up your company’s training game by making it more interactive and effective. Here are three ideas on how to gamify and get the most out of your trainings using Zoom.

Jeopardy – Each group selects a Jeopardy square from a shared slide deck and uses a raise hand feature to share their answers. Zoom delivered a recent company training in the format of Jeopardy game, and our teams were excited about it, resulting in high attendance and subject comprehension.

RouletteVideo breakout rooms are also ideal for hosting a getting-to-know-you roulette. Randomly divide participants into their breakout subgroups. They have five minutes to gather information about each other before rejoining the larger meeting and reporting on their new friend.

Hunger Games – Divide your employees into video breakout rooms. After participants (tributes) break into small groups (districts), each person presents their demonstration of the company’s product or feature. Later, each district selects the tribute to represent them in a competition for the best-recorded demo performance. Zoom’s seamless recording and screen sharing features will provide you with the best experience.

Zoom provides two options for your trainings. If you want everyone on an equal footing on video, try our Zoom Video Meetings. If you’d like a little more control over the environment, we recommend Zoom Webinars, which still offer interactive features, such as Q&A and polling, live chat, attendee raise hand, and attention indicator. The latter tracks how engaged your audience is with your content. More on the differences between Meetings and Webinars.

Another way to boost your training efficiency is through whiteboarding, where multiple participants can collaborate simultaneously by annotating a shared screen. Also, Zoom can be embedded in a learning platform, such as WorkRamp, to view recorded videos or record your own for training purposes.

Training plays a vital role in every organization, so make it fun for employees to ensure its effectiveness. If you are ready to improve training programs at your organization, sign up for a 1-on-1 demo with a Zoom product specialist to learn more.

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