How To Market Globally With Zoom

How To Market Globally With Zoom

In a star, there are two forces constantly fighting each other: gravity and the energy released by nuclear fusion. These two beasts go head-to-head for billions of years to produce the perfect equilibrium that results in a celestial body like our sun. Right now, picture a global marketing campaign in the same manner. You’re struggling to keep multiple forces working together to produce the energy that keeps the whole entity going for what seems like forever. Is it wise to backbone something that massive with just email and phone calls?

You need to keep timely communication with teams dispersed in different countries, you have to create the chemistry that makes everyone work together, and you need to reinvent the wheel at times to make sure your message cuts through the noise. In short, you need everything to work like a finely-tuned watch. You need Zoom.

Communication is the center of every marketing effort. Without it, your star (read: “marketing effort”) evaporates and leaves behind a ghost of what it was. Right now, we want to show you how to use Zoom to make a global marketing campaign more effective and balanced.

Zoom marketing Get your customers “in the know.”

In the olden days, when vacuum cleaners were a novelty item and a luxury, many brave salesmen ventured to the streets to meet face-to-face with their prospective buyers. Droves upon droves were shunned from front doors, but some of the more charismatic types made their way in for a demo and a cup of coffee.

Today, most of the corporate world is missing out on the wonderful world of interacting with customers. We’re not asking you to cold-call every home and business out there. Today’s marketing game is a little different. Instead of going to them directly, you can let them come to your Zoom video webinar (currently in beta, contact us for details) to show them what’s going on at your company. Do this when releasing a new product or establishing a new game plan that might interest them. Unlike the traditional slideshow-only webinars, you might just gain a little loyalty by adding the personal touch of seeing yourself personally.

Use Zoom for cross-team collaboration.

Close your email program right now. Go ahead. Just do it. Paraphrasing from Emmett Brown in Back to The Future, “Email? Where we’re going, we don’t need email.”

When you have teams in various parts of the world, nothing beats collaborating through video. Remember how we mentioned that you need to keep timely communication during a marketing effort? There’s really no other way to grab people’s attention than to make it a policy to attend meetings every few days or so via video calls. This way, everyone gets their thoughts across much more quickly. Mouths move much faster than fingers. You can also use Zoom to start instant meetings, so no waiting for the scheduled check-in to discuss something urgent.

Zoom RecordingBroadcast your own thoughts regardless of time zones.

Time zones are just one of the many things you have to deal with when marketing with a dispersed team. But, boy, does it take a ton of effort to coordinate an executive update via live video streaming. Then again, with Zoom, why do you even have to wait for your participants? Instead of expecting everyone to show up for the live “video memo,” you can record your memos and stow them somewhere accessible to everyone internally, such as your company’s intranet or your team’s project management tool.

Those who miss the meeting because they’re snoozing will wake up with a telegram right at their doorstep.

Wire up your focus groups on Zoom.

There comes a moment in time when you have to determine whether a product idea will really fly or flop. The focus group is an enormous part of that process. Perhaps you want to include international team members or participants in your group, but don’t have the caviar pockets to fly them over at every whim. Welcome to the world of having a finite amount of money. No worries, though. Zoom is here to help!

Focus groups on video are just as good as the in-person approach companies have used until now. If you share your screen, you get much more flexibility and a sterling resolution with which the group can see the concept you’re presenting. If you feel like you need to present some hands-on material (such as a new children’s toy), ship a test sample out to each of the people who will be participating in the group and then schedule a Zoom meeting.

Feel like this is the kind of synergy you need to get your marketing gears rolling? Then sign up for Zoom – it’s free!

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