Maybe They’re Born With It. Maybe It’s Zoom!

Maybe They’re Born With It. Maybe It’s Zoom!

Rough night? Bad lighting? Worried that your interviewer might be a little ageist? Ever joined a video meeting, looked at yourself on the screen, and thought, “Ugh, I’m not looking my best”? You’re not alone. We surveyed some of our users and found that 18% of them don’t turn on their video most of the time because they don’t like their appearance. We hear ya. That’s why Zoom developed a very subtle but effective video filter called Touch Up My Appearance.

What’s Touch Up My Appearance?

When enabled, Touch Up My Appearance provides a soft focus for your entire screen, smoothing out fine lines and blemishes on your face. This free feature is ideal for people that want to look professional and polished, but their busy schedule or early morning calls leave little time to “prep.” And before you ask, it looks completely natural. It doesn’t look like someone smeared Vaseline on the lens. No one will think you’re touched up because no one will know (unless you tell them!). Check out a couple examples below of real Zoom users testing it out…

How Do I Get Touched Up?

Touch Up My Appearance comes free with any Zoom account and it works on Mac, Windows, and iOS devices. You just have to turn it on in your settings. See our Knowledge Base for instructions.

PS. Another free, fun Zoom tool that helps you create a professional appearance is our virtual backgrounds. Check ‘em out!

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