Migrating and Adopting Zoom: Zoomtopia 2017 Panel Discussion

Migrating and Adopting Zoom: Zoomtopia 2017 Panel Discussion

Humans, we just don’t like change do we! Having set routines, knowing what to expect, sticking to established norms, relying on existing environments is a natural tendency we have. After-all what’s not to like? Predictability, perceived security, and less inconvenience right? However we’ve learned that while it may be less comfortable, evaluating the conditions around us to consider change is a healthy exercise and one which can often usher-in better results than what we previously had.

Clearly this extends into the world of information technology and to the many complex IT infrastructure decisions which need to be made. Considering the cost, roll-out time, management requirements, cultural impacts, adoption etc., we understand the notion of changing video collaboration solutions can be a bit intimidating.

In September we held our first-ever user conference and expo, Zoomtopia 2017, which featured several main stage presentations and break-out panel discussions, including one dedicated to the question of migrating and adopting Zoom. This session highlights three current Zoom customers who discuss practical aspects on the how and why of rolling-out Zoom.

Moderated by Tina Kim from the Zoom Customer Success team. Our guest panelists included:

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