Zoom’s ServiceNow App Streamlines Zoom Rooms Management

Zoom’s ServiceNow App Streamlines Zoom Rooms Management

The popularity of Zoom Rooms continues to grow as their ease of use and reliability prove essential to organizations looking to simplify their meeting experiences. Of course, IT departments are key to ensuring Zoom Rooms continue to “just work.” Poor network bandwidth, a broken mic, and disconnected power cables are just a few of the things that can cause a poor Zoom Rooms experience.

Emails certainly will get the ball rolling, but wouldn’t it be great to have service tickets generated with all the pertinent details automatically? And what if you could send service request notifications directly into a support messaging channel? Fortunately, the Zoom platform is able to monitor these types of issues and automatically alert IT personnel to them through a partnership with ServiceNow, which greatly simplifies the support ticketing process.

ServiceNow is one of the leading cloud IT service management solutions, and its automation and integration capabilities provide powerful tools for handling IT service management incidents. When your business enables Zoom’s new ServiceNow app, you can use ServiceNow’s Flow Designer to create custom workflows to quickly take action and minimize Zoom Rooms disruptions. 

Create a ServiceNow flow

Creating a ServiceNow flow with Zoom alerts is easy! Simply define the flow to trigger a Zoom alert, and then specify all the actions you want to perform. You can automatically create a ServiceNow incident, send an email, post a message to a channel, or perform any other supported flow action. You also can create multiple flows for even more control.

For example, one flow could create an incident when a Zoom Room goes offline, and another flow could be used to automatically resolve the incident when the Zoom Room comes back online. Zoom provides admin alerts for several conditions that affect Zoom Rooms usability, including when:

  • A Zoom Room goes offline/online
  • A controller gets disconnected/connected or the battery is low/charging
  • The audio usability threshold becomes poor/acceptable
  • High CPU is detected
  • Network bandwidth is unstable
  • SIP registration has failed or is re-enabled
  • A mic/speaker/camera is disconnected/reconnected
  • The Zoom Room display is disconnected

Get Zoom + ServiceNow today

With Zoom’s array of alerts and ServiceNow’s automation expertise, you’ll keep users happy with a more efficient way of handling and resolving service issues. To learn more about how to minimize Zoom Rooms disruptions with our ServiceNow app, visit the Zoom App Marketplace or contact a Zoom product specialist today!

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