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We’ve Got a New Way for Telehealth Patients to Easily Connect to Care

We’ve Got a New Way for Telehealth Patients to Easily Connect to Care

With our new mobile browser client, patients can now join telehealth appointments in a secure setting without downloading the Zoom app

Telehealth has been an integral part of delivering care to patients during the pandemic, and will continue to play a key role in how patients seek care in the future. A Qualtrics study commissioned by Zoom showed that 72% of U.S. patients, if given the choice, would prefer to access healthcare through a combination of in-person and virtual appointments.

With the demand for telehealth showing no signs of slowing, we believe it’s crucial to provide a simple, frictionless, and secure experience for everyone involved — from provider to patient.

Our mobile browser client, available for iOS and Android users, makes it even easier for patients to connect with their providers over Zoom from a mobile device. Patients can join telehealth appointments directly from their mobile browser in a secure setting with a simplified user interface, without downloading an app. 

screenshot of mobile browser client with text "Join Meeting" and video preview.

Here’s why that matters and how you can use this feature.

A quicker way to get connected to care

Everyone needs healthcare, but not everyone uses technology all the time. Some patients unfamiliar with how to download an app may have to spend time on the phone with their doctor’s office to get assistance — which isn’t very convenient if you’re sick and trying to access care. Others may only use Zoom to connect with their doctor once or twice a year, and may not want to download an app for that.

With the new mobile browser client, patients will now be able to receive a Zoom meeting link from their provider via email or text. When it’s time for their appointment, all patients need to do is click the link and follow the prompts to launch the meeting in their mobile browser. 

Mobile view with option to "Join from your browser."

For patients who want to access telehealth without using their mobile device, we offer the option to join Zoom meetings directly from a web browser. Patients can simply click the link and follow the prompts on their desktop or laptop computer to join a telehealth session in their web browser.

5 benefits for providers

Offering more ways for people to access care doesn’t just improve the patient experience, it also makes things easier for providers! Here’s how:

  1. With a more streamlined mobile experience, patients won’t need help downloading an app — so providers and IT professionals will spend less time playing tech support.
  2. Patients using the mobile browser will have a simplified user interface that’s easy to use and reduces distractions. However, providers will still get all the benefits of the Zoom app experience, like full meeting host controls and virtual backgrounds. 
  3. The mobile browser client gives patients even greater mobility and flexibility to join their appointment from anywhere — at work, in their car, or wherever it makes sense for them.
  4. Our web browser client, which is already available, offers another option for patients to access Zoom telehealth sessions without downloading any software.
  5. With our extended scheduling feature, an administrator or receptionist can schedule appointments on behalf of a provider, simulating a traditional clinical workflow. 

We’re excited to improve the telehealth experience for both providers and patients by making it easier and more convenient to access virtual care.

See how Zoom is preparing for the hybrid healthcare future and check out our blog for more on how healthcare customers are using Zoom.

Editor’s note: This post was originally published in August 2021 and has been updated in December 2021 to reflect the general availability of the mobile browser client for iOS and Android users.

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