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Mobile Meeting Etiquette

Mobile Meeting Etiquette

Have you taken a meeting from your phone? You’ve very likely done it recently. Technology and shifting culture has made it much more common. The reality is that more and more people are taking work meetings from their mobile devices. In-fact, 20% of Zoom meetings happen on a mobile device. It’s not just for taking calls in the car either. It can be from an airport, train station, commute, while you’re out-and-about on vacation, or maybe even from the building next door.

While a lot has been written about making meetings effective, what about the mobile meetings we increasingly take, what’s the etiquette?

Here are a few tips:

  1. Be mindful of your location. Avoid distracting backgrounds, maybe back-up against a wall. If you’re outdoors, try to not be in a windy spot. Try to get the best reception you can.
  2. Mute is your friend. Even if you’re in a great spot, you never know when an unexpected noise will happen. Save the ears of your fellow meeting attendees and press mute.
  3. Be safe. If you’re driving, please use the safe driving mode. Go audio only. Don’t stress people out with perceived unsafe positions or locations. It will be a distraction for the meeting.
  4. Turn video on. Only when it’s safe (like not driving). Broadcasting yourself on Zoom will make it easier to engage in the meeting and create an emotional connection. Pro tip: don’t point the camera at your face from a low angle, it’s usually not flattering (and we’re sure you can imagine why). Hold or prop the camera up so it’s at eye level.
  5. Headphones are an absolute must. You will hear and be heard much more clearly.
  6. Give 100% attention. If you’re going to be there. Listen and give it your all.
  7. Safety. Remember that safety is the most important thing, so please exercise good judgement.

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