When Mobile Meetings Matter

We’re living in a world today where travel has become much more commonplace. As a result, your mobile device has become more like an extension of yourself rather than a simple phone.

Unforeseen circumstances, comfort, and a preference are all motivators behind mobile meetings. Mobile video meetings powered by Zoom offer a feature-rich, comprehensive video experience that puts you in touch with others no matter where you are.

The bottom line is that sometimes you choose to have a mobile meeting, and other times your circumstances choose it for you. Either way, you can expect a pleasant mobile meeting on Zoom in these circumstances:


While you’re stuck at the airport, train station, or [insert unpleasant transitional state here]

You walk into the airport, check in your luggage, and everyone seems to be smiling more intensely at you in particular for some reason. That can’t be a good sign. As soon as you enter the terminal, you learn that your flight has been delayed for another four hours. That would be a minor nuisance if it weren’t for the fact that you have a meeting to attend in half that time. What are we to do? You do have Zoom on your phone, right?

You’re having a love affair with a cup of coffee


There’s something romantic about sipping a cup of coffee. The moments your lips touch that hot liquid that fuels your day, you can’t seem to get them off. If it weren’t for that donut, you’d have no reason to. Wait a minute…there’s another reason…you have a meeting in five minutes! How could you forget such a thing? The alarm bells stop ringing in your head the moment you realize you can just whip out your phone or tablet and talk to your heart’s content.

ZoomYou slept in

It happens to the best of us: You come home from a day at the beach on a late Sunday evening and plop yourself in bed. Monday morning you wake up and notice that the sun is quite bright for this time of the day. You look at the clock and say, “You’ve got to be kidding me!” There’s only 20 minutes until your meeting and you don’t even have your pants on!

Your computer went haywire

Oh, the pleasure of meeting someone through your computer. You don’t even need to leave your home. Before your meeting starts, though, you’re met with an unpleasant surprise. Something seems to have possessed your computer, but you don’t have time to call an exorcist. It’s time to dig through your pockets and handbag for your phone.

Something’s on TV

It’s really a bummer when your video meeting happens to be at the same time as a new episode of Breaking Bad. Who says you ever have to leave the couch? Just whip out your tablet and wing it!


You dropped your mobile device

You’re walking one fine Saturday morning at a park and suddenly you hear a “plonk” sound, like aluminum and glass hitting the ground. As you look back, you see that your phone fell. It looks like it’s still intact. Let’s try a video meeting just to make sure, shall we?

The point is: No matter where you are, or what situations you find yourself in, there’s always a possibility to meet without re-scheduling. The opportunity for a productive meeting is sitting close to you at all times. Use it and enjoy it!

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