You Don’t Have to be a MVP to Zoom

You Don’t Have to be a MVP to Zoom

Recently GoToMeeting put out a series of ads celebrating the amazing MVPs that were able to figure out their web conferencing platform. Zoom, on the other hand, works for everyone. You don’t have to be an MVP to use our platform and its features effectively. Let’s take a look at why Zoom doesn’t require any particular meeting genius to use:

Easy Web Conferencing

With Zoom, your participants click on a meeting link. If they’ve never used Zoom before, they do a quick, lightweight, one-time download automatically from that link, and then they’re in the meeting. And Zoom doesn’t make you repeatedly download new versions before future meetings.

Participants are dropped into the meeting and then click well-labeled buttons to perform tasks within the meeting. You know, “Screen Share” to share their screen, “Record” to record, “Mute” to mute and so forth. Your most tech-illiterate colleagues will be meeting like rock stars instantly.

It Works

Zoom has reliable, high quality audio, video, and screen sharing. No freezing, echoing, or dropped calls. Your participants can join VoIP (use audio from their computers) and it’s just as crystal clear as if they’re in the room. Also, unlike some of our competitors, Zoom also has very high service uptimes, meaning we’re super reliable. Maybe this is why we have an industry-leading NPS (net promoter score) of 62. This score measures customer satisfaction and demonstrates that 94% of IT organizations are likely to recommend Zoom.

Zoom Web Conferencing - Live Demo

It’s Full-Featured

Let’s take a quick look at the other features that give Zoom crazy high customer satisfaction scores versus the MVP service:

  • Up to 500 video feeds supported (compared to um…6 video feeds?!)
  • Easy recording in MP4 and M4A formats (not proprietary formats that are hard to edit and don’t even capture video)
  • Persistent, cross-platform IM/Presence (not just in-meeting chat)
  • Parity across platforms (unlike GoToMeeting or GoToWebinar, Zoom works pretty much the same across desktop and mobile platforms)
  • Show a video with audio during a meeting (no one else can do this)
  • Zoom Rooms – our software-based conference room system (no one else has this)
  • H.323/SIP conference room system interoperability (you guessed it: GoTo can’t do this either)
  • Simple API and SSO that works with your existing environments (no complex process to enable these tools)
  • Strong administrative portal with live and historical usage dashboard (much more robust than GoTo’s)
  • Hybrid deployment for those who want to keep their data on premise (not so for GoTo users)
  • Ability to call out to a phone (GoTo users have to dial in manually – imagine typing in 21 numbers just to join a meeting!)
  • Ever need to demo an app or share something from on you cell phone? Zoom supports mobile screen sharing (Zoom is the only one who can do this too)

It’s Free

Just one more thing: Zoom is free. We’re not talking about a free trial. And we’re not talking about a free version of a completely different product that lacks even basic features. Our free service has video, audio, and screen sharing with up to 50 video participants. And you can use it for forever. That way, if you do want to upgrade for advanced features like Zoom Rooms or unlimited group minutes, you know exactly what you’re getting.

If you have a lot of unhappy not-quite-MVPs, why not give Zoom a test drive? A friendly product specialist is standing by to give you a one-on-one demo – sign up today!

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