Nasdaq Breaks Down Communications Barriers With Zoom

Nasdaq Breaks Down Communications Barriers With Zoom

Check out our video case study on Nasdaq, a company that has evolved from a stock market into a modern financial technology company with the goal of performing better than any other exchange. The key to accomplishing this goal is effective collaboration, both internally and externally.

Previously, Nasdaq was primarily relying on audio calls and employees couldn’t reach out to clients via video. In rare cases when a meeting had to take place over video, it required opening a firewall rule with no dial back option. The lack of a reliable, easy video platform made interactions with customers less effective.

Then, Nasdaq discovered Zoom and completely changed the way their teams communicate.

After a thorough evaluation, the two main reasons why Nasdaq’s team chose Zoom for company-wide video communications are ease of use and security. First, Nasdaq needed a product that would immediately go into action without a lot of administration or training. “The whole Zoom interface is very intuitive and easy to use – it works well with somebody like me, who doesn’t want to spend a long time trying to figure something out,” said Mike Viola, principal technologist for Nasdaq. “We want it to work and Zoom works.” Second, as Nasdaq is a highly secure company, moving services to the cloud has historically been challenging. Zoom met all their needs for a secure solution while making it easy to join outside meetings in the cloud. “If I’m not at a Nasdaq facility, I just fire up a meeting on my mobile phone or iPad,” said Greg Martin, senior manager at Nasdaq.

Most importantly, Nasdaq’s users have really taken to Zoom. “I never get asked about how to use Zoom – people just get accounts and I never hear from them again, all I see is the usage on the dashboard go up continuously,” said Martin.

Watch the video case study here:

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