Case Study: Daily Mafia Uses Zoom as a Gaming Platform

Case Study: Daily Mafia Uses Zoom as a Gaming Platform

daily mafia logoOur newest case study is now out: Daily Mafia Transforms Zoom Into a Gaming Platform. This case explores Daily Mafia, an online gaming community where people play Mafia online in Zoom meetings.

Until recently, Mafia was played exclusively in person. This created a roadblock, since it was difficult to gather a sufficient amount of people in one place. Thanks to Chris Stottle, the founder of Daily Mafia, the game can now be played online. We reached out to Stottle to hear his story and understand how our software plays into all of this.

chris stottle
Chris Stottle, Founder of Daily Mafia

In 2013 Stottle started Daily Mafia with a few friends and acquaintances. Since then, the community has grown like wildfire. “On average, we have between 30 and 50 people who desire to play on any given night, for five to six days of the week,” said Stottle.

As this community grew larger, it seemed inconvenient to use the video meeting software they were using at the time. It was becoming more cumbersome as time passed to organize and moderate games on the platform. Stottle had to figure out another way to play Mafia quickly by finding an online meeting platform that had a better footing in the areas that were crucial to playing a party game.

“In our initial tests, we discovered that Zoom had better audio and video quality than our previous software,” explained Stottle. “Added to this, the names of our players always appeared in their respective windows, which allowed us to stream our games without having to go through the trouble of editing the streamed video every time a game event would change the player’s position on the screen.

Of course, during every switchover, there’s always a bit of turbulence. With Zoom, however, Stottle did not experience as much resistance to the change as would be expected from an operation that depends this heavily on video meeting software.

“When we first switched to Zoom, players were skeptical about the software,” said Stottle. “They were not very motivated about the change. But once players joined a meeting, they enjoyed how convenient it was to use Zoom. The first things they noticed were the improvement in the video stream quality and how easy it was to join and leave the meeting.”

By being the go-to source for playing Mafia on the internet, Daily Mafia has grown to become a brand and a thriving community of more than 200 players. This will soon change as their partnership with a streaming service,, will broaden their audience.

“At this point, we are making revenue from the advertisements that come from our streaming provider as a result of this partnership. We have also qualified to offer paid subscriptions to our viewers, which allows them to have access to several perks and features that aren’t available to normal viewers. Daily Mafia has become a brand,” Stottle continued. “It may soon transform into a fully sustainable business. We have an ever-growing number of people who join our community and are highly content with how we organize it.”

For now, Stottle finds Daily Mafia in the nascent stages of something far greater. It may take some time, but they seem to have made decisions that will take it to a level on par with some of the most popular gaming companies in the world. With Zoom, Daily Mafia was able to have high-quality video and audio, and a stable platform with which to develop its community into something promising. As the company that develops this software, we are proud to provide crisp online meetings for the Chris Stottles of the world. Learn more about Daily Mafia and how they use Zoom by reading the complete case. And sign up for Zoom yourself today – it’s free!

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