New Case Study: Teaches Animation on Zoom

New Case Study: Teaches Animation on Zoom

Zoom - logoOur newest case study focuses on, which hosts interactive video lectures on animation for students from many different countries. Its instructors are highly-experienced animators who have worked on famous films for the likes of DreamWorks and Disney.’s international student body and the school’s emphasis on being flexible to their student’s needs meant that the only way to communicate was via live video. To, their choice of video software can make or break the school.

We spoke with Stephen Melagrano, an instructor at about his first time trying Zoom: “Everything was much faster, better, light-weight, and easy to use. This was one piece of software that won me over very quickly.”

Zoom - character
An character.

Through our conversation with Melagrano, we gathered that screen sharing and remote control are two very important Zoom features that aid Melangrano and his fellow instructors. “In animation, you rely significantly on frame rates,” said Melangrano. “Zoom allowed us to share screens and material at an impressive frame rate and with betting image quality.” Since relies primarily on screen sharing, it was inevitable for Melagrano to take advantage of Zoom’s remote control feature, which allows him to give students control over his mouse and keyboard controls to animate on his computer.

In the end, this is what got out of opting for the Zoom experience:

  • A feature-rich and fully-immersive cloud experience that rivals face-to-face encounters in a classroom.
  • A simple, stress-free multi-platform software package that requires virtually no learning curve to use.
  • High-definition video that rivals most other video platforms.
  • High frame-rate screen sharing, a vital feature for their lectures.
  • A stable video meeting experience that worked with every connection on an international level.
  • The ability to record all of the meetings for later review by the students.

With this fusion between instruction and technology, can finally operate efficiently as a school that is educating our next generation of animators. Learn more by reading the case study.

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