New From Zoom: Expanded Developer Support, Cloud Recording Highlights, and Additional Zoom Phone Integrations

New From Zoom: Expanded Developer Support, Cloud Recording Highlights, and Additional Zoom Phone Integrations

We’re excited to continue supporting our customers as they use Zoom to communicate, collaborate, and connect across the world. 

In our latest update, we’re providing new resources for developers, cloud recording highlights, and expanded Zoom Phone and Zoom integrations to help streamline workflows whether you’re at home, in the office, or somewhere in between. We’ve also added updates to the Zoom app on the new Apple iPad Pro and expanded in-product privacy notifications for additional transparency.

Here’s a roundup of the updates for this month:

Developer Support 

Our new Premier Developer Support plans allow customers to purchase developer-specific support resources from Zoom development experts and trained technical personnel. Available for paid Pro, Business, Education, Enterprise, Healthcare, ISV, or Video SDK accounts, customers can choose from Bronze, Silver, and Gold plan tiers to select the level of prioritized support they need across specified areas of coverage.

We’ve also launched a new Developer Support site, which contains Help Center articles, Zoom Developer Platform resources, Premier Developer Support case routing & management, and more. This site was created to be a one-stop shop for any questions developers may have when building with Zoom.

Zoom Meetings and Zoom Webinars

Enhanced Virtual Background management

Account owners and admins can enable an account or group level setting requiring users to have a Virtual Background when their video is on. Admins can also remove default Zoom Virtual Backgrounds at the account level while retaining the ability to upload and restrict users to company-approved Virtual Backgrounds.

Recording highlights 

AI will automatically highlight the important parts of a cloud-recorded meeting, allowing users to quickly navigate to critical information. Meeting hosts have the option to adjust these highlights and create a completely new clip, and users viewing the meeting recording can choose to watch just the highlighted sections or the entire meeting.

Zoom Phone

New integrations

We’ve added a number of new integrations for Zoom Phone, including: 

  • Google Workspace: Use our cloud phone services to call contacts, event attendees, and external numbers directly from Gmail and Google Calendar.
  • Microsoft Dynamics: Initiate and receive Zoom Phone calls, add and manage contacts, and automatically log calls and SMS directly from Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM.
  • Dubber: Available for North America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia-Pacific regions, Dubber enables progressive recording functionality, accurate transcriptions, deep sentiment analysis, and Voice AI on the cloud.
  • InformaCast Fusion by Singlewire: Protect on-site personnel during emergencies with the ability to trigger InformaCast alerts from Zoom Phone. You can also automatically receive an alert when 911 is called via Zoom Phone. 

Zoom Rooms

Logitech Scribe

Logitech Scribe is an AI-powered whiteboard camera that brings your physical whiteboard and annotations into your Zoom Meeting. With Scribe, you can effortlessly start a whiteboard session in your meetings by pressing Scribe’s wireless sharing button. This physical button can be placed anywhere in the meeting room and allows you to instantly share your whiteboard online with others.

Logitech Scribe

Stay up to date

To get access to the latest features available on the Zoom platform, be sure to download the latest client at See the full release notes, or use the “Follow” feature on our support page to keep up with the latest product updates.

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