New Source Tracking with Zoom Webinars

New Source Tracking with Zoom Webinars

Everyone knows Zoom offers an amazing video conferencing platform, but did you know that Zoom also offers a top-of-the-line video webinar service as well? Zoom Webinars stands out among other webinar solutions because of its video capabilities, scalability, and ease of use. It also has a very similar user interface to the familiar Zoom meeting experience. And with our newly implemented Source Tracking feature, Zoom Webinars can bring you invaluable insights into where your attendees are registering from, and how to grow your program.

Our new Source Tracking feature gives you in-depth information about where your registrants are coming from. For example, you can track if more webinar registrants are coming from your blog, social media, partner campaigns, or email marketing, so that you can determine which programs are the most useful for future webinar promotions.

Simply log onto and click My Webinars. Select a webinar and then click the Invitations tab. Under Invite Attendees is the Source Tracking section. Click Add to add a new registration source for each type of medium you use to invite attendees. Each source comes with its own unique tracking URL, which tracks how many people have visited and registered from that link. Zoom Webinars supports up to twenty sources. To download your data as a CSV file, click Export report in CSV file.

Here are some other great Zoom Webinars features that can help your program grow:

  • Scalability: In addition to 100 interactive video participants, Zoom Webinars supports up to 10,000 view-only attendees and can be easily broadcasted to Facebook Live and YouTube.
  • Easy sharing and registration: Zoom Webinars allow an easy one-click HD screen sharing, supports dual screen to show panelists and presentations at the same time, and lets you easily customize your email and registration forms.
  • Interactivity: With in-meeting chat, live polling, and question and answer dialogue boxes, Zoom Webinars makes it easy to create a dynamic and interactive experience for both presenters and attendees.

Check out our support page for more information on webinars and source tracking! Want to learn more about how Zoom can enrich your webinar program? Sign up for a free demo today!

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