New Zoom Case Study: Virtual Mediation Lab

New Zoom Case Study: Virtual Mediation Lab

Check out our newest case study: Virtual Mediation Lab Settles Disputes & Trains Mediators Through Zoom.

This case focuses on the Virtual Mediation Lab, an organization that hosts online mediation sessions through video, allowing parties in a dispute to converse through a mediator. They also mentor and instruct those new to the mentoring profession.

Giuseppe Leone
Giuseppe Leone, Virtual Mediation Lab

We met with Giuseppe Leone, the founder of Virtual Mediation Lab, to discuss what his company does, why they use Zoom, and what they love about it.

Leone had been using another product, but when he tested Zoom he was sold. Why? Because Zoom meets his needs for quality and privacy-protection:

  • A quick and easy solution means that each party has a better overall experience.
  • Mobile device support gives users flexibility.
  • Screen sharing with annotation makes the process of looking through documents all the more easy.
  • The protection of anonymity in invitations and private meeting rooms is valuable for mediation sessions.
  • High-definition audio and video streams allow parties to feel truly present at the mediation, minus the discomfort of having to dispute while physically together.
  • Reliable and fast support helps things to get done quickly.
A mediation training session.
A mediation training session.

Zoom has helped Leone better serve his customers. For example, he recently conducted the first online mediation for the United States Postal Service. Explained Leone, “Whenever there was a dispute between a supervisor and an employee, for example, I took the case. Sometimes, the disputes involve parties in distant islands. In such cases, a mediation session cannot happen without [travel].” Instead of traveling, Leone was able to mediate online between two parties in Guam while he sat at his office in Hawaii.

“Since Virtual Mediation Lab began, I’ve run more than 100 different online mediation training sessions with participants from more than 30 different countries,” said Leone. “Since switching to Zoom, my experience has consistently improved. We’ve used Zoom for 6 months and, despite having used our old solution for nearly 18 months, I find that I’m far more comfortable with Zoom.”

Learn more about Virtual Mediation Lab and how they use Zoom by reading the complete case. And sign up for Zoom yourself today – it’s free!

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